pressurising an expansion vessel in an unvented system

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by CJD, Jul 19, 2009.

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    I have nearly finished re-plumbing an unvented ariston 150ltr direct unvented system due to the expansion vessel being incorrectly installed. Once I have completed the last few bits I will need to refil the cylinder. can anyone explain how to go about pressurising the vessel. I've tried searching the internet but there's not much help. have read something about opening a tap and filling but not really sure on it.

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    Turn off water supply to system,open a hot below system,carefully open release lever on temp relief,when water stops flowing,close lever.Turn supply back on,purge air thro hot tap.If all else fails !!! Run like **** :^O :^O
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    Water Systems will be trembling with excitement in anticipation of your next post.
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    ..of course you realise that it is illegal to work on a UVC without the relevant ticket!

    Which of course you don't have or you would not be asking.

    I hope you don't blow your house up. Walter would love it if you did. He is always warning about the dangers of dafty DIY'ers meddling with UVC's !

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