price for mf suspended ceiling?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by readie81, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. readie81

    readie81 New Member

    Could anyone give me an idea of cost per meter for a standard mf plasterboard suspended ceiling supply and fit. Its approx 200m2

    Many thanks
  2. gezza

    gezza New Member

    i would charge £7.75 m2 supply & fix, we use lazer level to leave a perfect finish, if i can be of help please ring on 07813633474 cheers and good luck freind.
  3. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    I myself charge £18 per m2.if your man can do it for £7.75 m2 good luck to him.I have well over 2000 m2 coming up down south i might even give him a call
  4. s.bury

    s.bury Member

    how the 'ell do you make a profit out of £7 a m2???

    Are you using stolen materials and Nigerian migrant labour?
  5. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    thats what i thought!
  6. JEP

    JEP New Member

    Can someone give me a price per metre to strip out and refit 65m2 of 600x600 tiles with 100mm insulation
  7. Tony Peters

    Tony Peters New Member

    It depends where in the country it is, and also if they are the lay-in type or concealed but as a budget price I would allow something like £20 to £25 per m2.

    You may also need to allow a little extra for damaged tiles.

    Here's a quite a good page to how much new suspended ceilings cost
  8. Tom86

    Tom86 Member

    Look, I know I came a decade late but I really hope that prices went drastically up. I'm just working on the quote for a client and I'm thinking about £85-£90 per sqm. Can someone please clarify, am I crazy or a guy in the second post is? 85-90 is the price from start to finish, inc decorating, dB boards and two layers of insulation. London area.
  9. ajohn

    ajohn Active Member

    I can't quote but am doing one myself - with a laser level, Bosch. Replacing a timber one done probably in the 70's. Cost of the furrings was substantial less than decent timber. Not that I could find any that I would say was decent. Couldn't use the existing timber as they had fitted some sort of light weight board. Installation time of the furrings for me was quicker - not sure about comparing timber done by some one who does a lot of it. The longest job was fitting the edging. Jointing sections is a bit fiddly but quick. Best get the correct self drilling screws even for the plasterboard.

    The prices of the furrings can be pretty variable. A company that installs lots put me in touch with a distributor that had a large warehouse full of the stuff. Had to buy packs which means some will be left over. They did take pity on me though and gave me a single length of the support section that in my case goes up to the joists. It appeared that I could only buy packs of these but it looks like they would sell them singly. The rest comes in packs. I collected it all and fastened them to a ladder that was fastened to my roof rack.

    I had intended to use timber so already had 15mm 8x4 plasterboard. I would have probably double skinned with smaller thinner boards if I had known that I would be doing it this way. Would save having to also buy a plasterboard lift but that will be sold on ebay at some point.

    I predrilled the edging and then used hammer fixings as the holes just need spotting through. A decent quality ground split point hss drill is best for that. ( ;) Toolstation Milwaukee )

    Bosch laser level? The same thing can be done using a water level so probably a bit frivolous but I have found it very useful for all sorts of levelling checks and it's easier and quicker to use than a water level. Some one was determined to sell cheaper than others just after they came out.

    15m^2 in my case so circa £1300 at the £85+ price mentioned. No way. Furrings about £100, plasterboard about £25 if I remember correctly. I might have to pay around £200 to have it skimmed but some of that will be down to the plasterer being their rather than the area. It's a 2 man job to install. 1 could do it but fitting the edging would be a bit more tricky. 4 men might do large areas more quickly - if they all do work all of the time. Same with 6 if the area was big enough.

  10. Tom86

    Tom86 Member

    Wow, £125 for materials seems to be very cheap to me. My material calculation is about £450-£500. Sqm is very similar. That leaves me with £800 for labour. I'm assuming min 3 days work + labourer. £800 still sounds cheap to me.
  11. ajohn

    ajohn Active Member

    A builder bought the plasterboard for me - I can't collect sheets that big so if I had bought it costs for that would be higher. My about £100 for the furrings is about, I'd need to dig the invoice out but it really wasn't much more. I have too much of it especially main support. That was a bit of a problem - all in packs of 10, then the clips ;) they come in a box with rather a lot in. Also screws. Bought by the length and clips as needed costs would have escalated a lot.

    Labour is difficult. Refitting a kitchen and needing to keep it functional. I've even had to level the floor in sections but that made it easier to really get it level. My strength etc started failing past 65 so my son has done most of the ceiling work, ;) I just support the ends and help get the furrings up there. We also only have one combi drill. It's been done in stages and still more plasterboard to put up. So times roughly.

    Measure up, cut and drill the perimeter channel and drill the holes and then fix. I have a small bench mounted pillar drill and used that with a piece of wood clamped to the table to pre drill. Wood served as a guide, support and also had 600mm marked on it, worked from centre out both ways on all pieces due to available space. It didn't take us 1/2 a day. The laser level helps but a water level could be used at each end and spotting through the predrilled holes is a lot easier than trying to do them in one go.

    Cut the support channels and fit along with the hangers. The hangers in my case are just cut from a length of angle. Have to cut down the corner fold over to form a square at one end then drill a hole - the right sort of drill makes the hole easy. I've seen videos where some one used a screw. Then fasten that end to the joists and self drill screws through the other end into the support channel. I'd be inclined to say a bit less time than the perimeter.

    U channels for the plasterboard. 5m length for single run of 8x4 board cutting out for what remains of a wall that was removed about 3hrs but a lot of faffing about. The board lift has it's problems and it was the first time it came out of the box and was put together for use. :( Need to pack the winding drum out with washers. The actual channels went up pretty quickly including jointing. On the system I used that just mean overlapping and screwing at the top but being an engineer I also put a couple through the sides. The clips I used go across the main support diagonally. Video's show another clip being used to pull them out and down to clip them on - not easy and my son weight lifts, very hard on the hands and needs a bit of a knack. I'll try and convert one into a tool for the rest. Not a good idea to try and put one over a joint but it can be done - just.

    First coat of jointing compound around the edges - not long at all but I recently noticed that easi-fill should be left for several hours before applying a second coat and it will need sanding - power sanders don't work into corners. Those mesh hand sanders that can be connected to a dust extractor work well and the sheets last a lot longer than sand paper and don't clog.

    Then comes lighting, how many and where and how to wire them. The whole job needs considering.

    Cutting the U channel with snips distorts it so son used a hacksaw. I'd probably manage with snips and bending at an appropriate time - :) I'll show him next time.

    So for fit and finish 3 days labour total for 2 people doesn't sound too bad and probably needs 2 visits. ;) I wouldn't be happy about paying for a labourer as there wouldn't be much for one to do. People who do this work should be capable of fitting and finishing to keep costs down. ;) Not sure I would fancy using a company that has a management overhead as well. Those may even have a company car, secretaries etc. The installation rules are simple so other than initial measurements not much is needed really.

    Being fair about material costs a company that uses miles of the stuff contacted a supplier for me so I'd guess I paid the same prices as they do. I had to pay proforma and collect.

    :) I haven't currently really got the time to make posts as long as this - should be getting on with it but if some one else wants to do similar they may find the comments useful.


  12. Mats questions

    Mats questions New Member

    I need an up to date price per square meter of suspended mf ceilings in dublin broken down. metal/ Board/Skimmed/

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