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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by BanDwagon, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. BanDwagon

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    Does anyone know where i could get a price for a Lamona SNK2121 Single Bowl Inset Granite Composite Black Kitchen Sink (link below)? I don't have a Howdens account but my builder has poured paint all over the new one i've just had fitted and isn't taking responsibility for it. It's ruined beyond repair or cleaning. It was bought from Howdens by them but they won't tell me the price and neither will Howdens.

    Lamona SNK2121 Single Bowl Inset Granite Composite Black Kitchen Sink | Howdens
  2. spannerw

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    Surely if your builder ruined it, then it’s down to him to replace it. Cost to you is nothing.
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  3. woodbutcherbower

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    As above. I was fitting a Howdens kitchen for a customer a few weeks ago, and I dropped a £300 ceramic sink, breaking a corner off it. I replaced it the same day and I paid for it without hesitation. He ruined it. He should pay for it. Stand your ground, be assertive, and don’t be messed about.

    Just for the sake of interest, was the sink individually priced on your quotation, or did it form part of the overall figure?
  4. masterdiy

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    There is one on ebay, but number 2120
    Brand new Lamona single bowl sink - Black Ebay item number 234184595434 Be quick.
    Any help.

    But I'm with spannerw, hold your builder responsible for it.
    If he won't pay knock it off his bill when you come to settle up with him.
    Plus all your costs involved in getting it & the fitting.
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  5. jonathanc

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    Find the nearest match and get a quote for someone to change it over. Then send a letter claim to the builder. If he continues to refuse to sort it. Small claims court

    this sort of this makes my blood boil!
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  6. BanDwagon

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    Thats awesome masterdiy! thank you so much! :)

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