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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by The Trician, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Just as a matter of interest I thought I might ask who the most popular wholesaler/accessories provider is for those in the forum who buy electrical stuff.

    Who do you use the most and is your decision based mainly on price/discount levels?
    We all know the quality argument so we won't go there for the time being.
    For example, screwfix do 30A HD junction boxes for about a quid or so each, but my local supplier charges £1.60 per box, so where do I buy from? I have to wait a day or so for S/F to deliver and have to factor in the 'packing/handling' cost but I buy in packs of 10.

    If I buy from my local wholesaler, who only stocks Contactum items I have to pay £1.60 each but I can pick em up straight away. I was just wondering what influence's YOUR buying decisions?
  2. Sam Dingle

    Sam Dingle New Member

    I know you didn't want to go down the quality route but:-
    I prefer to buy a branded product, MK, Wylex, pirelli etc..
    But I do shop around for the best price on those brands and I haven't found anyone yet who can beat screwfix.
    I'm in the fortunate position where I can plan ahead for each job so SF are ok for me.
    But if I had a choice I'd go to Senate but CEF is more local.
    If I'm really crafty I get my future brother inlaw, who works for a wholesaler, to get me stuff on his discount, but thats only when I'm doing stuff for our house.
  3. lastword

    lastword New Member

    Like CB I tend to plan ahead so can buy in bulk from Sfx and get good prices. You do have to beware of the quality a bit (eg 30A HD jb's are fine, the standard ones crumble like ****). I always pay the £4 to 'guarantee' next day delivery (offset against the extra discount). Also use over the counter at TLC (6 miles away) about the same amount as Sfx. Prices not quite so keen, but good to actually compare stuff and speak directly to people who understand the product ranges and can offer advice. Use my local wholesaler for specialist bits or if in a hurry. (Always feel guilty about not giving them all my business 'cos they're very nice people!)

    As regards branded goods, thought I'd try some super squashy Pirelli cable. F*ing flimsy carboard box fell apart in 3 seconds leaving me with 85m of 2.5mm wound on a tissue paper reel. B**rd stuff is currently rotting in the back of my shed!
    Like I said - beware the quality!
  4. Essential

    Essential New Member

    Buying from wholesalers is fraught with decisions over which one has no control. They decide the discount level you are worth and this all boils down to turnover. Most suppliers have limited ranges in order to offer price advantage for the lines they prefer to stock. But this causes problems when you can't, for example, buy a 6-way junction box from CEF. But you can shop further afield for different commodities: sometimes Wickes are worth a price-check for basic essentials. But one of the best ranges and prices, if you are able to plan ahead sufficiently, is Screwfix!
  5. fusefinder

    fusefinder New Member

    I recently sent one of the young lads to Senate (who are (about 50 yards away from our unit), when we got the invoice in he had been charge £200 for a 100m 2.5 T/E!!!! So we looked back through all our invoices for the last year and found overcharges totaling nearly £800 all relating to stuff we sent the lad to get. Just chancing their mit with an 'inexperienced one'.

    I was later told that some of the prices they have on their system are inflated by up 20 times, they are then supposed to enter a discount when they serve you - usually around 95% if they like you - but normally inversely proportional to how green you look!
  6. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Just got my catalogue from TLC and have found them to be between 15-25% dearer than the stuff around here (Derbys).
    Delivery was good though:) We don't have any of their depots around here, I think the nearest one to me is somewhere in Wales!
  7. leeds spark

    leeds spark New Member

    Lastword,i also hate those pirelli boxes,they are s*e,but pirelli cable is lovely to strip with the dimple thing down the middle.When i was on the shopfitting side,we often got sent this **** cable that had no chalk in it,so the outer sheath and inner core insulation were in effect one thing.there must be thousands of meters of the stuff in shop bins up and down the country,as soon as i got the stuff,i would chuck it and go to a local wholesalers and book out on our firms account,which made me very popular with the boss.**** cable ok for odd fitting,but the shops i was doing often had upwards of 300 lights.As for cheapest wholewsalers,i have recently(12 mths ago)gone self employed,and use newey and eyre a lot in leeds.The counter staff know me and we have a joke etc and so they give me the same discounts and rtes as there biggest customers,you would be suprised what the counter staff can do if you get onwith them.I recently got 200 mtr 2.5 for 15.80+vat,because they let me have it at same rate as a very large company that was at the time buying 6000mtrs per to your'e wholesaler,get to know them and try and have a joke,itworks out worthwhile in the end.

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