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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Paul Blackburn, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. I have just gone to use my printer and it says printer offline can someone tell me how I get it back online.The Printer is a Brother DCP-J315W.Thank's
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  3. I have just done what I did last time but it is still offline
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    Find it in control panel or settings or wherever it is and check connection there.
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    Assuming you are on Windows 10:

    1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard
    2. Type troub. Troubleshoot settings will appear. Click on that.
    3. Run the printer troubleshooter
  6. I cannot see Printer troublshooter but have just done that twice and nothing was found or that is what the report said.When I go into devices and printers and click on the printer says Default Offline
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    Is it connected wirelessly?
    You might just need to switch printer, computer and router off at the mains and back on.
    Otherwise re-establish the wireless connection manually.
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  8. I have just connected the printer to the laptop with a USB cable and I got a message saying all set up and ready to use but when I tried to print it still says printer offline.Would that mean I may need to replace the printer.
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    See below !
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    I would not give up yet and go rushing for a new printer ! Often the driver is the culprit.

    1. Uninstall the printer and it’s drivers completely.
    2. A cold restart for both computer and printer (full power down via the normal command for the computer and via the on off switch for the printer).
    3. Once computer is back up and running reinstall the printer as if it were new using the usb cable. If a cd was supplied use it else get installation and drivers from manufacturers website under support.
    4. If the system installs cleanly and works you can get the WiFi elements configured and remove the usb.
  11. I have just been up to the town and I called into the PC shop which I used many times and told the owner about the problem and he said it is probably the drivers and I should install them again.I still have the disc which came with it but it say'Windows 2000,Xp Professional,Window's Vista, not Window's 10 can I still use it.Do I just need to update it if so how do I do that.
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    It may or may not work - best if you go to manufacturers website and see if a win10 driver was ever issued. Often manufactures do the testing for an existing drivers with new OS, and often get away without needing to modify. The core of the system where these drivers attach often does not change much between different iteration of Windows, most changes being the GUI and support for new protocols.

    The drivers you want is here and there is a win10 version

    There is also warning if using win10, to delete old drivers as I suggested in my first post !
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    Is this an old printer by any chance..
  14. I have just done this and it says no reccommended troubleshooters at the moment.Ihave just come back from a week away so still use the printer connected with a USB cable.
  15. At the moment it is connected with a USB cable and works ok still cannot get it online.
  16. This problem has been resolved I uninstalled the drivers and downloaded new up to date drivers from brother and installed them and all is fine,Thank's for all the replies much appreciated,
  17. A few weeks ago I had a problem with my printer which I thought I had solved but it has happened again when I go into printers and scanners it shows as being offline anI can only use it by using a USB lead.The printer is a Brother DCP-J315W.What I have done so far is as follows.Clicked on menu then selected network then set up wizard then Plusnet-xtgt came up I clicked on OK then entered the wireless passsword and printed WLAN Report which says connection ok biut still offline and not sure what else to try.My OS is Windows 10 .Apologies for the repeat
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    This stuff is really hard to sort. In computer terms the printer is v old and it's difficult to do more than turn everything off and on or reinstall drivers.

    Good inkjet printers are pretty cheap these days (especially if you go off reviews from PC websites like Alpha). Its either repeat the stuff above or buy a new one.

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