Pro-tilers! How much do you charge?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by James Walthamstow, May 20, 2016.

  1. James Walthamstow

    James Walthamstow New Member

    Afternoon, all.

    Having the bathroom and kitchen done. 19m2 of tiling in bathroom, about 5m2 in the kitchen.

    I'm being quoted £55/m2 for labour only. Already got the tiles (after some bloke ripped off my Mrs for £50/m2 for metro tiles that should have been £15/m2).

    No idea who to ask if that's a reasonable quote or not - so thought of you guys!

    Cheers for your help!
  2. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Blimey that's expensive, it should take a guy a couple of days to do that sort of area, that means he wants 650+ a day. :eek::eek::eek:

    Even if it took 4 days that's still 325+
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  3. James Walthamstow

    James Walthamstow New Member

    How much would you expect to pay?
  4. StevieSteve

    StevieSteve Member

    Standard bathroom, around £500
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  5. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Are all the old tiles off and walls in good condition?

    What sort and size of tile is being fitted?
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  6. James Walthamstow

    James Walthamstow New Member

    They're installing board walls over the top of existing tiles, levelling out the old walls (none of which are square, naturally), and a latex floor upon which the floor tiles will be laid...
  7. James Walthamstow

    James Walthamstow New Member

    But that's not what's being charged for. Builder's charging us extra for those tasks.

    Tiles are standard metro 200x100 white ceramic.
  8. Rulland

    Rulland Screwfix Select

    Sooo, pretty much a clean install on a nice new pristine surface, with pretty much standard tiles..
    Bit expensive imho.
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  9. James Walthamstow

    James Walthamstow New Member

    Yup, that's what I thought. Any idea how much I should be looking to pay (in outer London)?
  10. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    So who quoted for tiling, the builder or just a guy picked at random from the internet/yellow pages?
  11. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Screwfix Select

    I have two tilers that I use for my kitchen installs depending on what the clients expectations are.
    The excellent tiler charges £55 per meter for kitchens. His work is absolutely perfect in every way, he is reliable and very good at communicating with the client. But I do have to book him in 8 weeks in advance!
    The other tiler charges £35 per meter and is very good. He is rather difficult to pin down to a time tough, often leaves the job half way through to come back later, always popping out for a Cig and not great at discussing things with the client. I always have to go back to screw the sockets back on!
    I work in outer West London. Some of the equipment my decent tiler has is incredible - his tile table saw cost well over a grand alone. He is also VAT registered, drives a new sign written van, supplies all materials to site and most importantly, always prepares surfaces the correct way before tiling. Oh and he cleans up spotlessly.
    I would use the £55 tiler every time if I could.
  12. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Screwfix Select

  13. James Walthamstow

    James Walthamstow New Member

  14. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Screwfix Select

    i hope you are joking on the grout ....
    you can haggle a bit - go for it.
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  15. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    For 55m2, guy should be supplying adhesive and grout. I can appreciate that it's worth paying for a top pin on job and some people are definitely worth paying a premium for, especially when there may be thousands of pounds worth of materials at stake, but you could always get another quote.
  16. Ben the Tiler

    Ben the Tiler New Member

    So everyone who answered this question is not a tiler, unless they are bodging it, someone even said they would get it done in 2 days (impossible).
    19m2 of metro tiles will take alot long to fix to the wall than a bigger tile.
    You would probably looking at £25 per m2.
    But first they will have to prep the backgrounds, that would be a days work.

    If these walls are flat i would charge probably around £650-£700 labour and materials.

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