Probably a stupid question, but..

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Guinness, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Guinness

    Guinness Member

    Is there any value in warming up laminate worktop a bit before going at it with a router? I've messed up quite a few otherwise perfect cuts in the past by just chipping 2mm of laminate off (even with brand new cutters). Will 10 mins with a GENTLE heat gun around the cut line reduce the risk of chipping when cutting?
  2. 22 2

    22 2 New Member

    I have noticed that worktop laminate is more fagile when cold. I like to have mine up to room temperature before starting.
    The heat gun if used carefully seems a good idea but try it on the waste material first.
  3. tea_time

    tea_time New Member

    I have routed thousands of laminate worktops,
    The only time I personally experienced laminate chipping like what your discribing is when routing "cheap 30mm tops" when I have cut them for friends, the laminate is very brittle due to being very thin, regardless how sharpe the cutter is it will chip where and when it wants...

    Dont know what tops you have been routing as you didnt say..
    Warming them may help, but im not sure..
    Decent laminates withstand heat suprisingly well, just keep the heat moving, dont allow it to heat one spot or the laminate will blister...
  4. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    i routed some tops today that were damned cold, been in a garage and cut them in light drizzle, no sign of a chip even though they were high gloss and the blade had already done one job. Not sure temperature is such an issue.
  5. RK Joiner

    RK Joiner New Member

    hmmm, personally I think the only effect of heat will be on the users abiliity... I messed up an upside down male cut twice when it was snowing due to cold fingers and tight muscles... a wee cup of tea and a 10 min warm up and making the cut inside... was perfect!

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