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    Trying to keep this post as short as possible
    Our house part of large Wimpey built estate built early 1970s 800/1000 houses
    All have soakaways in gardens for rain water
    Most are connected to downpipe drain via approx 3 metre length of pipe and 2 metres from front of the house.
    We have never had a problem with this system in the 28 years we have lived here until 2 days after the repair crew had finished a job

    National Grid contractors call to repair outside gas leak
    They have to cut/take out a 10 inch section of the soakaway drain pipe (reconnected after) to redirect the gas pipe, click on link
    Finished repair to gas leak filled hole in, concreted over and left
    Two days later i have a flooded drive click on link
    I suspect they did not covered open ends of the parted soakaway drain pipe while redirecting gas pipe and allowed mud/sludge to enter.
    Contractors have not accepted responsibility but would try to clear it for me
    Work crew came back dug down to the drain pipe took out the section originally taken out, tried unsuccessfully to clear it with using a hose pipe and drain rods
    So I still have a blocked soakaway, the hole is not filled in yet, so while I still have easy access to the soakaway drain pipe by removing the earlier mention cut out section is there any other way of cleanig out the drain pipe or could a specialist drain company be more succesfull.
    Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated
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    call in specialist drain company for inspection and cost of repair. If they identify that the problem is caused by national grid then claim costs from National grid via small claims court if necessary. but before you do that NG seem to have accepted responsibility so keep the pressure on them
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    Spot on.
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    British Gas smashed my main sewer when they installed a gas supply under the pavement. After a short discussion, they paid my contractor to fix the problem and they re instated the pavement. Result!
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