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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Paul Blackburn, Mar 16, 2023.

  1. I qas not sure where to put this post so decided on here.I recently placed a order with Amazon but on checking the invice I found they had used my previous debit card as I had changed the card as my old one got damaged.I need to find out how to change it on Amazon but cannot see any where to go to change the card and wonred if anyone on here miight know
  2. Cris 11

    Cris 11 Active Member

    Log in to amazon, top right, accounts & lists, your payments, edit old card then add new card.
  3. Thanks for that all done now while I am on here could you tell me what the printing is like with you regarding the size of the print I can hardly read mine almost need a magnifying glass to read anything..
  4. Cris 11

    Cris 11 Active Member

    Not sure what you are asking, is it the print size on your device screen or printing a page off Amazon or printing a receipt.
    If its the first one need more info on the device you're using PC, phone or Pad, android or apple, amazon app or web browser, is it only amazon or all web pages?
  5. It is the first one and I am using a Samsung laptop and I only have this problem with this site
  6. Cris 11

    Cris 11 Active Member

    Try cltr + on keyboard
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  7. HouseRenov!

    HouseRenov! New Member

    this should do the trick spot on!

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