Problem with Landscaper doing half job

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Pclarke17, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. Pclarke17

    Pclarke17 New Member

    Wonder if anyone can offer any advice?

    Back in July i got someone to lay a new patio for me. The Landscaping company looked the business, checked Facebook viewing other works and user reviews. All positive.

    Landscaper started work on the 13th July, was meant to come back next day to complete patio. Got a text saying additional slabs to finish job where out of stock(why the hell they started with out having slabs to finish job?) . Should only be a few days!. I spoke to supplier Silvertons and they said they had no idea when they would have in stock due to covid.

    In the mean time I was left with a pile on sand blocking half of drive way which I had twice asked to be moved. Kept getting yeah I’ll be around to shift it. Left 12 bags of cement in garage along with tub of easi joint.

    Its now September I have managed to get additional slabs. Silvertons had them in stock for three weeks despite him saying he was chasing everyday. In end i told him they had them in stock. He said he would order, in end he didn’t. So i ordered myself.

    I have told him to pull finger out as this has been going on two months now. Now got all the slabs there are no excuses not to finish it. He never answers phone when calling. Only communicates via text(when he does it all lip service).

    What are my rights?. Feels like he has abandoned job or not a priority. As mentioned he has left all the building materials. Just frustrated, as they work that has been done was great.

    Not sure how someone could run a business like that. Must of cost him for materials and slabs for half the job.
  2. spannerw

    spannerw Active Member

    First question is have you paid him anything?
  3. Pclarke17

    Pclarke17 New Member

    Nope nothing, which is why i wonder what the hell is going on. No way to run a business.

    Cost him a hell of a lot more than me. Except my patience and good will.
  4. spannerw

    spannerw Active Member

    I think you need to write to him giving him 14 days to either finish the job or to remove any of the materials that he has paid for, if no joy then get another company in to finish it off.
  5. Pclarke17

    Pclarke17 New Member

    Yeah most likely what I’ll have to do. Off on holiday from Friday for two weeks. So will have to wait until then!!.
  6. just pumps

    just pumps Screwfix Select

    Does he know that you are away on holiday, what happens if he turns up whilst you are away. feel that you need to tell him.
  7. Pclarke17

    Pclarke17 New Member

    Made it perfectly clear that i am away and that he needs shift sand he left on driveway for two months.

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