Problem with new Triton electric shower

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Powerelec, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Powerelec

    Powerelec Member

    Are Tritons any good, I've only ever used either Mira or their b&q brand. Since mira no longer make the cheaper brand , I installed
    TRITON T70GSI+ WHITE 9.5KW ELECTRIC SHOWER, but in this cold weather, it can barely heat the water, at highest setting it is barely just warm water.

    Swapped it for same one , but exactly same problem, after checking the lowest reviews, seems like other people had same problem , cant understand how it gets a load of 5 star reviews.

    Any recomendations?
  2. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    Personally I avoid Triton showers.
    Some of the cheaper Mira showers from our host or the sheds are better.
    Redring also worth considering. All have either 2 or 3 year warranties.
    Aim to pay about £60 to £130 for electric showers. Some of the more expensive models are no better

    Make sure you get your electrics checked and pull cord (or whatever isolator you have) checked for good connections.
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  3. Powerelec

    Powerelec Member

    All electrics fine, I'm a sparky, nolonger doing it full time, but ive very rarely ever used anything other than Mira, usually got 8+ years service out of them. Only ever fit the odd few cheapy brand showers.
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  4. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    Sorry, - didn’t realise you are an electrician. :oops::)
    I am not a fan of the more expensive Mira showers, like the Sport model as I think they are overpriced and still can give trouble.
    Some of the cheaper versions just as good. I bought a Mira shower from one the the big sheds because it was only shower that was suitable width as well as matching pipe and cable positions. Think shower cost about £130, but was very well made including rail kit. We are being ripped off if we buy the top of range from plumbers merchants.
    Redring have been reliable for me as I install them including for rentals. But various new models have now been produced which reliability is unknown.
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  5. Joe the Plumber

    Joe the Plumber Screwfix Select

    I'm sure you've checked, but did you make sure the bits inside that the knobs line up with were in the correct position, and the knobs themselves, as per the instructions,
    before you fitted the cover?

    I've fitted loads of Tritons over the years and very rarely have any problems with them.
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  6. Powerelec

    Powerelec Member

    I know what you mean, I thought I had, but will double check it.
  7. Powerelec

    Powerelec Member

    Thanks for that, although I put the shower cover on , as it came without moving the settings they were indeed in the wrong place, in particular the large temp. Knob

    So it seems to have sorted the problem , water temp. Is adequate now.

    Silly little error really , I assumed it had been factory preped and set. But they just bung it in the box and ship it.

    Thanks again
  8. Joe the Plumber

    Joe the Plumber Screwfix Select

    Glad to be of service. Don't forget to register it for their two year guarantee too.
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  9. Powerelec

    Powerelec Member

    Yes did register it thanks again, a bit rusty , not doing electrics full time now.
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