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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Paul Blackburn, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Does anyone on here know anything about printers.My wife has got a HP Deskjet 2540 series printer which for some reason will not print in black even though it shows about 3/4 full.Have tried to clean the cartridges but I always get the message after cleaning is complete saying cleaning process failed any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hans_25

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    If the printer isn't used for some time, the nozzles can get blocked. Is there a *deep* cleaning program on the printer you can try? If you've already tried this, then don't know I'm afraid.
  3. Jitender

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    I have not had a colour printer for a very long time
    Instead I used a mono laser printer.

    Are the cartridges original ones.

    Other then cleaning and refitting not sure what else would work.
  4. KIAB

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  5. masterdiy

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    Get a cotton wool bud into the place where the jets are, use alcohol or ammonia and wipe the bottom(in the printer body) take ink cartridge out first.:)

    They get very tacky in there. :eek:
  6. Astramax

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    Had same problem using generic cartridges on an Epsom printer. :(
  7. masterdiy

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    Never had a problem with these.
    Great price too. £12.50
  8. Wayners

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    Clean terminals on cartrages and the printer. Bud sticks and alcohol or something. Make sure you turn off the power so they don't short out and cause problems.. Then try again
  9. KIAB

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    Sadly OP's printer uses a single black & a Tri cartridge with cyan,magenta & yellow, naff idea, can be so wasteful,much better having a printer with all cartridges as inviduals, only replace what's empty.
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  10. Wayners

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    Hp printer with instant ink plan... 50 pages a month with rollover costs me £1.99pm and cartrages just turn up in post when needed.. Any problems with carriage they just post another apparently. I got 9 months free to start with. I used to try fill my old printer with ink and get ink everywhere, plus buying compatible cartridges that never worked properly. None of that now and it is only £1 if I go over monthly limit so I aint bothered. No brainer imo... Most here should be all over this deal
  11. DIYDave.

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    Got the same deal Wayners, brilliant plan and very economical to print, no problem if you go over monthly allowance - it’s not gonna break the bank

    Been there myself with the refill kits and can be frustrating ..... not to say messy

    Never understood why sometimes a cartridge would refill and be back in use in 10 mins and others would ‘explode’ and or fill but not actually work

    Chucked all the ink and kit away after a short while :)
  12. Wayners

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    I chucked all my ink refill kit to.. I find some say £1.99 pm which is the cheapest plan is not for them which is a puzzle. That's less than one cartridge would cost in a year and you can change plan or stop at any time so what's the problem, but some don't see it that way. Guess it's the idea of money being taken every month vs paying for cartridges... Massive cartridges they send though. Mine are 2 years old and still going but received a colour cartridge in post last month so I guess that will be out soon. I remember shooting up ink and had accident with ink. Gee that was over the kitchen worktop and floor. It don't come off easy.

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