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  1. I have a 5 way USB hub and there are two USB ports on the R/H side of the laptop and one on the left.The USB hub will not work on the L/h port but works on the R/H one when I plug it into the L/H one I get this message.USB device not recognised yet it works fine on the right hand side.I can plug other devices into the L/H port and they all work so why would it work on the R/H side but not the left.
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    Most USB ports have a 5 volt output . Your 5 way hub might need the 5 volts to work . Your L/H port on your computor my not have a 5 volt out put so your 5 way hub may not work so the computor will not recognise it
    You can go on device manager on your computor to see your USB set up
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    Nothing to do with voltage. All standard USB A ports are 5V. Some ports can deliver higher current and others are limited. The ones that are limited, may not be able to power the hub.

    Is the symbol next to the USB ports the same?
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