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Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by Tom86, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Tom86

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    Hi guys, hope you're all well

    Have this client... I did complete bathroom refurb for him recently, gave him a quote before, let's say 3k. His old bathroom was fully tiled so there was no chance to see what's the condition of the wall or walls underneath beforehand. First or second evening after I ripped everything off I showed him the condition of his walls and told him that I can't just put tiles or plaster on it as there are cracks everywhere and we need to stabilize and reinforce that surface first (see attachment). He agreed.
    So I put primer, render mesh and hardwall first where supposed to be just plaster/painted finish and dotted some moisture boards where supposed to be tiles.

    Now, I added it as extra to my final bill and he's acting like very surprised person, saying it wasn't part of the quote.

    Look, I know that I did a mistake, and I shouldn't have done that without something in writing but it happened. He seemed to be a reasonable guy.

    Is there any way out of this? I did not overprice him, just standard London prices, probably even less... there's approx £500 in total on top of quoted price for walls & floor reinforcing and installation of toilet douche spray.

    thanks for replies

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  2. goldenboy

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    Send him a letter outlining the situation, explain the additional work that was required, reinforce that you kept him informed at all times. Say that you have extras bill by 10% for goodwill. Enclose bill for original quote plus £450.

    If he doesnt pay or goes quiet, send him another asking him how he intends to proceed.
  3. Heat

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    Just to clarify - Did you give anything in writing? And if you did so, was it an Estimate or a Quote?
    Legally without a contract then you are entitled to charge the customer a reasonable cost.
    A fixed quote would be different. An estimate would be what it is, an approximate guideline for the customer.
    A quote with conditions that should any unforeseen extras occur, the price will be more, would also cover you.
    Although I am only a plumber and not an expert in legal matters, but that is what I believe is the law.
  4. Tom86

    Tom86 New Member

    Like I said, I gave him a quote, detailed quote what I'm gonna do and what is the price of it. Works mentioned above were not part of the quote. I think that price I'm charging is reasonable definitely not overpriced.
  5. jonathanc

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    your discussion of the extra work created a verbal contract. Write to him and refer to that conversation and that date if possible. do not offer 10% reduction yet but only do that as last resort. give him 14 days to pay, then if he does not send a letter chasing the invoice. if that fails issue small claims papers

    he's trying it on. He is ignoring the details of works in your quote and assuming that it was your risk the state the walls were in.

    next time, i'd put any material variation in writing and if you can get away with it load the variation up. Charging high cost for variations is standard practice for big businesses so why don't you do it when you can...

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