Problems connecting to Victorian Plumbing vanity waste

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by Gnasher, Sep 10, 2018.

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    My daughter bought vanity units from Victorian Plumbing together with pop up wastes and telescopic bottle traps. The outlet from the bottle trap was too small to take a standard 32mm push fit waste so I bought new traps from Screwfix only to find that these wouldn't tighten on to the waste as the trap connecter was slightly too big for the waste thread. I therefore went and bought new pop up wastes from Screwfix and the problem was solved. I have since found out I could have bought a Mc Alpine EU to UK adaptors from Screwfix which would have enabled me to connect the Screwfix traps to the Victorian Plumbing waste.
    Victorian Plumbing are obviously providing EU wastes and traps without saying so and my question is, as the trap outlet is too small to take a 32mm pipe how was I supposed to make the connection?
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    It's bludy annoying problem, your not the first to get caught out, you think Victoria Plumbing would tell you & they would include a McAlpine S12A-F, it's a fairly cheap item & it's the same with the 40mm EU UK adaptor McAlpine T12A-F,nobody realise you need one when you buy a EU kitchen sink & try to use supplied waste fittings.
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