Product to anchor threaded rod in posts

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Chris_M, Jun 24, 2022.

  1. Chris_M

    Chris_M New Member

    We are joining two oak newel posts with an M16 300mm threaded steel rod (posts will sit vertically on top of each other with the rod acting as a dowel to prevent lateral movement).

    What would be the best product to set/anchor the threaded rod in the posts?

    Would ideally prefer a product which isn’t a two-part resin to make installation easier.

  2. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    A longer newel post
  3. Rosso

    Rosso Active Member

    Rawlplug R-Kem11.
    It is a two part resin, but it comes in a tube, applied with a decent mastic gun, and the product mixes itself, so not like two part filler or araldite. It goes in and sets up in just a few minutes and is really easy to use if you have at least half a brain.
    Important points:
    Get a decent resin gun. Do not try to use one of those carpy ones from homebase.
    Have some big wipes on hand. Have an assistant if possible. Wear disposable gloves. Have a couple of bits of 2x and a couple of cramps to splint the join- only for 10 minutes, but better be looking at them, not for them.
    It will help if the holes in your two newels are not too smooth and polished. If there's anything you can do to give the inside of the hole a bit of texture, it helps.
    Have posts drilled, studding cut to length, spirit level on hand, all of that. Do a dry run first.
    Have a bit of board on hand. Give the tube a decent squeeze to bust the two bags inside. Squirt the first bit onto your board, until the stuff is grey out of the nozzle. Then straight to the bottom hole, 3/4 fill, ring round the mating face of two posts. Twist in the studding, add any extra to fill the hole. Smear i bit on the exposed threads. Go to other newel, mostly fill the hole. Fit post b to post a. Give it a twist or two. Check level, cramp, wipe of the excess with big wipes. Put the kettle on.
    In this weather, give it 5 minutes, check the first bit you squirted onto your board, it will likely be set. Finish your tea. take off splints.
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  4. Chris_M

    Chris_M New Member

    @Rosso, thank you for this detailed response - this is most helpful.

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  5. mr moose

    mr moose Screwfix Select

    I like Rosso's detailed answer and would do something similar myself, but personally, I would use 30 min PU glue instead it will give you more time to get everything in place, is not so costly, and you don't have to buy a special gun.

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