Progress made, Freeholder informed about loft, some lagging questions please

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  1. Hi

    I'm not panicking.
    I rang freeholder and told her that the plumber bodged the pipes in my loft and the lease officer agreed to let me get another heating engineer to come and redo all the pipes and properly re-lag them.
    I told her about the cable, we didnt get much chance to talk as she was busy but I'm sure she will allow me to get spark to check cables etc.
    Anyway, my question is this.
    The plumber who bodged came recommended by two people who are local and were pleased with his work.
    Another plumber who just moved out of my area, who has an excellent reputation but cannot do the job now hes moved out of the area also was suprised to hear the plumber i used made a bodge job.
    I've spoken to some nice heating engineers who were patient with me and answered my quesitons even worcester bosh, the manufacturer of my boiler was patient.
    He said the 10mm pipes are too narrow as my water pressure is high
    Opinions on flux are mixed among plumbers, WB said it needs wiping off as it will corrode but Im not worrying about that.
    What I do want to ask is this. I plan to ask a trustmarked gas safe firm, (dunno who yet) to take out all of the copper pipes and re-lag them, I just want to know, do heating engineers generally lag pipes or do they just fit copper pipes?
    I'm asking because im having trouble getting a decent pipe lagger.
    Another booked up reputable firm said that 15mm lagging on 10mm pipes with poorly taped joints and exposed copper will stand a good chance of causing a freeze and burst.
    He said that he has heard of quite a few burst pipes this winter cos of poorly lagged pipes but as i said he wasnt trying to get me to hire him as he is too far away.
    I don't quite know who to hire, and as I won't be able to see the pipes, I don't know how i can be sure if the new firm properly lags the pipes and don't want to spend every winter dreading bursts.
    So, is it normal practice for heating engineers who fit copper pipes to lag them? and, if I choose a decent trustmark firm, will they lag them properly?
    Hope someone can help.
  2. "Opinions on flux are mixed among plumbers, WB said it needs wiping off as it will corrode but Im not worrying about that." YEEEAAAHHH!

    Should plumbers lag pipes as a standard part of their job if there's any risk of freezing or even heat loss? Yes, of course - they would be negligent if they didn't.

    Why are you having the pipes replaced, tho'? Do the existing pipes work ok? If so, get someone to re-lag it all - that's all that's needed.

    Although not ideal, I personally can't see a freezing issue with having over-sized lagging on a pipe; if anything that extra air gap provides additional insulation! Yes, it would need taping up so that it doesn't open and leave an open gap, bit other than that I don't see an issue (happy to have this corrected, but I'm talking from a 'physics' point of view.)

    Well done for sorting this. Ditto for getting a sparky in.

    (Tbh, I'd have thought that a handyman and a half hour of work would see any missing bits of lagging sorted out.)
  3. Hi @Devil's Advocate Thanks for informing me they lag pipes as standard part of their job, just once bitten twice shy as the plumber who did the poor lagging has a good reputation but he isn't trustmark.
    Even another plumber with an excellent reputation who has just moved out of the area said he knew him and he has a good reputation.
    I can hear water swooshing through the 10mm pipes. Worcester bosch are the manufacturers of my boiler. I spoke to a very helpful man and described the situation to him and he said that wider pipes should be used, 15mm if I remember correctly.
    As water pressure high I don't want to risk bursts, especially given shoddy work from old plumber, who knows what mess he has made of the joins in the pipes I cannot see and i don't want to wait for a burst or spend winters worrying about a burst.
    The freezing issue comes from the fact that I have an area of roof space on my level that leads up to the loft and as the roofers have just fitted felt that isn't wind proof, the independent PCA surveyor who surveyed my flat, said today on the phone that this will make my loft colder, as I plan to get plasterboard put over the exposed breathable roof felt, and the surveyor said it will push cold air into the loft.
    My loft does get freezing in winter.
    I cannot put my heating down lower than 17 degrees as the stat is near the cold roof space on my level, so boiler doesn't kick in until I turn it upto about 17 deg.
    Thanks for the physics angle. The old plumber cut lagging too short and left exposd and un-taped elbows, and that's just on the bits I can see so God only knows what he's doneo on the bits I can see.
    Good news, I found a trustmark company who does gas safe and electrical work, so they can take a butchers at the cables.
    Freeholder already gave global permission for any contractor to enter loft last year, but when I spoke to her yesterday, she was cool with me choosing a firm and happy to write a consent letter provided they specify exactly what they deem necessary once loft inpected.
    I just hope the firm will agree to do the work, I'm happy to wait a few months if theyre booked up cos I know decent firms get booked up quick.
    Not only are they trustmark accredited, I checked worcesster bosch site and they are worcester bosch accredited also.
    I checked WB site as I made a mistake in 2016 getting a firm to repair my velux window on the strength of thier website saying velux auathoristed without checking
    I just hope this firm agree to do the work. Family run business. If I ask now, it could be aug or sept, judging by local plumber i spoke to (the one who moved) but thats good timing, just in time before weather gets cold. The money will be worth the peace of mind.
    I also have plastic condensate tube up there, dunno if rodents would bite that. i cant put trap near it as its at the far end of the loft.

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