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Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by OsJames, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. OsJames

    OsJames New Member

    Hi all,

    I've just had an EPC assessment on my house and there were a couple of points I disagreed with. I'm looking for advice on how to prove my case for 2 points;

    We have a small section of flat roof (<10m2) - this has been rated "Very Poor" due to "Uninsulated - assumed". I have taken down the light fitting and made a 16mm hole under it that I can get a cheap endoscope in. Sure enough, there's insulation in there.

    We also have "assumed" for no cavity insulation. Although it hasn't been done during my ownership, I knew there was as we had the windows replaced recently and I took a look in the cavity. I can also see it with my endoscope when I stick it down the gable end from the loft.

    What constitutes acceptable evidence to prove these points and have the EPC corrected?
  2. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Go back to the assessor and tell them what you've found and request an appropriately revised cert.
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  3. jerrydorm81422

    jerrydorm81422 New Member

    hi James! Have been able to deal with your issue?
  4. OsJames

    OsJames New Member

    Unfortunately not - the assessor just seems to be ignoring me now he has his money :rolleyes:
  5. WeCanDoIt

    WeCanDoIt Member

    ask for the complaints process
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  6. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    I have, I hope, just sold my old house, it needs an EPC to sell the house, so looked on and there was an EPC listed for my old house, I have never commissioned one, or paid for it, rated as D, there are some clear errors for example
    "Secondary heating None N/A" and all the houses in the street had a gas fire fitted as standard, and central heating added later, so they all likely have secondary heating which would be the central heating, the gas fire would be primary heating.

    But the rating was 62 and to get to C need 69, and the errors if corrected would not get it from 62 to 69, fitting all energy lighting would gain 1 points, and it has always had low energy lighting since the 30 May 2016 when it says it was done, and now has a condensing boiler which would gain 7 points, but that was not fitted in 2016, so today it should get C, but unless it stops you renting out, why worry?

    It is clearly a simple money generating exercise, well not in my case as never paid for, no one seems to take any notice of them anyway.

    This upload_2022-8-12_6-39-55.png shows how silly it is, 4000/62 = 64.5 years, I am 70, how long do they really think I will live for?
  7. WeCanDoIt

    WeCanDoIt Member

    the date is when you lived there? Must be an error then.

    And yes people take notice as there are laws around selling, building and renting houses. I’m not going to buy an old house again.
  8. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    It ceased being my house yesterday. Although son has lived in the house now nearly 3 years.
  9. WeCanDoIt

    WeCanDoIt Member

    Alright but when was the EPC done? Did you live in the house at the time it was undertaken? Did he rent from you direct or letting agent.
  10. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    It says 30 May 2016, at that point we were living there, but we never saw any inspector, nor did we commission one.
    We lived in the house on the date it was claimed it was undertaken, but must have been a drive by inspection, as we saw no one.
    He lived in the house rent free, so neither, it was to start with so he could work without the risk of transmitting colvid to rest of family, but as the immunisation program progressed the family also moved in, and he rented out his old house, this suited us, as we had not emptied the house, so could not sell or rent it, but would have been libel to double council tax in Wales if not occupied, so it allowed us time to move the stuff out.

    However it stretched well over the planned time, the house should have been sold over a year ago.

    Clearly my son knew the house, and how well it did for energy, in fact he got the boiler changed before the house was officially his, neither he or us were worried about any on line energy rating, but it had to be done to change ownership of the house.

    My mothers house was sold, in this case the guy did come and inspect, however looking at the certificate it states "Wall Cavity wall, filled cavity Average" one of the problems with the house was the front bay window, the upper floor wall was built on the window, no lintel, and only one brick thickness, that was how it was built in 1954, the result was a cold room, so my dad years ago put rockwool against the bricks, and faced plywood to hold it in place. This did improve the heat retention, but clearly not a cavity wall in the way we would think about one.

    Also it said
    I know the wet room did have loads of insulation under the floor as I saw it go in, and there were originally four chimneys in the house, the kitchen one was capped, not sure about bedroom, but sitting room had a gas fire, temporary removed to give extra space for mothers bed, and living room one was still working.

    It was rated C, only just, and to be fair it did not cost too much to heat, mainly due to using programmable TRV heads so no room was over heated, since mother was in a wheel chair, doors were threshold free, so wind could get under the doors, the front porch had been bricked in, using single brick thickness, and the original front door removed, there were some sliding doors where the front door had been, but still draft proofing was poor.

    There is nothing in the EPC about this, it was simply some thing which needed doing to sell or rent a house, and in real terms just another tax, it did not reflect on the real energy performance.

    I know my daughter in Shrewsbury originally lived in rented flat above shops which was a listed building, and as a result, floors not flat, no double glazing, etc. I suppose now this flat could not be rented out, nothing one is allowed to do to improve it, as listed, so it simply means less flats rented in Shrewsbury, with shortage of housing, how does that help?

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