Pulled off paint when removing trunking stuck to wall.

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by markconway11, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. markconway11

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    Hi, I originally had my TV on my wall and hid the wires behind trunking which I purchased. This was self adhesive trunking that was stuck to the wall. After 2 months I didnt like how it looked so I made holes in the wall and dropped the wires through behind the plasterboard wall. However, when I have removed the trunking from the wall (which was stuck pretty firm) it has taken a chunk of paint off with it. I have tried painting over it but you can see where theres a slight ridge and in a new build flat like mine it looks rubbish. Do I need to fill the section with something before painting over it? It looks like cardboard behind it, and when I just tried to paint over it you can see a ridge and even though I sanded it down it doesnt look perfect. Please advise!!!!...
  2. topcoat

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    The cardboard is the surface of the plasterboard so you where lucky not to do any damage. Yes you need to fill the area, get some fine surface filler one thats easy to sand. Its not worth getting easyfill for such a small area so have a look in your local B&Q then rub down with fine sand paper. I know its a pain for such a small job but you will probably have to paint the hole wall a couple of times to blend the paint in. Two reasons touching up onto dry paint always shows up, and paint changes in colour as it ages even over a short time.

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