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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by mslfd, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. mslfd

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    I have dudley push button toilet. no longer flushes when i push the button. I think there is an issue with the syphon unit, thee is a small clunk sound when I push the button. how would I check and change it? The water pipe runs above it so no room to manoeuvre, also, how would I empty the tank?

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  2. ecoplumbing

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    You can change the dudley parts without removing the entire unit. The fill valve usually clips on so this can be removed to give room to work on the rest of the cistern. Best isolating the water first. The green flush valve will just twist out leaving the cradle still attached inside. Faulty flush is probably due to split air belows in the button or valve itself. The way I test this is to disconnect the air hose from the valve, put your thumb over it and push the button. If air leaks out then it's a faulty button. Individual parts can be changed but sometimes easier just replacing the full valve ( but would cost a bit more)
  3. mslfd

    mslfd New Member

    Hi thank-you, i found this link
    exact issue. I have had to order part as not in stock. pity I have to order full fitting, i only need the "green top bit" bit attached to cistern is fine.

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