PVA over Chipboard T&G Flooring

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by handiandi, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. handiandi

    handiandi New Member

    I am converting my Loft and have laid Chipboard 8ft by 2ft T & G boards down. They are the standard ones, but I am wondering whether it would be an advantage to PVA them to help keep dust down and to make them waterproof. Anyone else done this or can advise me?
  2. wood butcher

    wood butcher New Member

    there is a silicon based water repellant sealer on the market which would be better as when dry it will not make the boards feel rubberized and will not stick to the underside of carpet.
  3. jj

    jj New Member

    as above, and do the walls too
  4. handiandi

    handiandi New Member

    Cheers. When you say do the walls, do you mean with PVA or the other sealer you are talking about? I have put up Plasterboard that is going to be plastered over as well. Thanks again.
  5. dj.

    dj. New Member

    don't paint anything on to your plasterboards before they are plastered.. the comment about painting the walls may have been misunderstood.

  6. jj

    jj New Member

    Yup, lack of info, as thought it would be brick.

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