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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by panlid, Apr 23, 2005.

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    Hi SID

    You may scoff but just imagine you're in the bath with a beautiful woman and 12"er falls in just because the government you may (but hopefully didn't) vote for hadn't warned of the dangers of PVA! I think anyone who, with dogged determination, warns the nation (especially individually because they cannot be bothered to do a search) deserve a medal or two! ;)

    NOGGIN New Member


    Your post looked promising,with a beautiful in the bath and a 12 incher. I think it peaked to early!

    I think PVA is wonderful I use it as a cheaper substitute for hair gel. It probably has other uses too.

    PS if you paint the kids with a watered down solution will it stop them getting dirty? Hence saving even more money.
  4. Goddo

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    Great minds think alike ay! I did try the kids thing before I read mudster's warning... I coated them in PVA and sent them off to school but the steam in the swimming baths re-activated the white stick stuff and I ended up with siamese twins for a week!

    Personally I blame the BBC for telling us its okay to diy and Wickes for calling their products 'professional'. Thank goodness for peeps like ******* with their unique take on things make me feel almost worth my fees! Lol

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