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    Could anyone advise please.

    The door handle on my PVC door is getting harder to engage, basically you have to put bit of weight on the door from the inside to lift the handle to close the door, and pull against the door from the outside to lock it.

    Looking at the frame on the inside locking side it has metal plates down the full lenth of the door, however they in several pieces and the piece where the latch engages and is about a foot long and has several screws in it, which I'm assuming it's the part I need to adjust?

    I have tried loosening all the screws and tried to move it in slightly, however there doesn't seem to be any play in it?

    Is there something I'm doing wrong, or will I need to file a bit out of the oblong latch hole, probobly just needs about a sixteenth off it to release a bit tension.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    Door might be distorted slightly by the weight of glass. Solution, need to be toe and heeled, ie put wedges around glass to lift the door slightly lock side.
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    PHILPH Member

    Thanks quasar9 for the info.

    That sounds far too technical for me to do so I'll have to look to see whether I can get anyone in to have a look at it.

    I thought it just needed tweaked at the keep, or the stay, if that's what you call them.

  4. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Screwfix Select

    if door has been in a long time then adjust hinges
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  5. sparky steve

    sparky steve Screwfix Select

    Plenty of youtube vids showing various adjustments you can make.
  6. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    Check if the top mitred joint on the lock side lines up with the mitre on the frame. If they don’t the door has dropped. Try adjusting hinges as others are suggesting, it may just give you enough lift, but failing heeling and toeing is the way forward. Best if you get a local glazier to do this as they will need to remove beading and seals to get at the glass.

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