Quarry tiles and soil stack

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Ktop, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. Ktop

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    Hi all,

    Had a new kitchen fitted and drain connected to the soil stack. Some of the porch quarry tiles had to be dug up and we are now looking at laying floor down again

    please see photo
    How should we fill the hole around the soil stack? As there are quite a few connectors I’m not sure we should be using cement etc which would permanently fix them?

    also, our floor is currently a mix of quarry tiles and cement that was laid down when original drain put in so sadly can’t just restore the tiles. The quarry tiles that are there are solid and not hollow/damp. There is no DPM - it’s an old cottage

    1)dig up all quarry and cement to relay but I’m worried about damaging the old clay pipe drain under it all
    2) can I use liquid DPM then SBR then self levelling compound before putting down new tiles maybe? Level not too much of an issue.

    thanks all


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  2. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    As there's no pressure around that area (by the looks of things) you could leave the joints exposed and support the tiles with bits of removable wood or fill it up with loose gravel. As long as you can secure any of the tile at some part with cement or glue and then grout to finish them off the tiles should stay put and can be easily removed if you have to get to the pipework in the future. If the rest of it has no DPM then it wouldn't make sense to introduce some at this point.
  3. Ktop

    Ktop New Member

    Thank you - you are right no real pressure around that area. Good idea about the wood will have a look and see if that works!
  4. ejenner

    ejenner Member

    Actually maybe think twice about using wood. Plastic would be better as you can get dampness on floors from washing or condensation or rising damp, wood might rot. Just something to hold the tile and stop it being pressed down where the pipework is.

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