Quartz worktop - resin has come out

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by dazzz, May 21, 2018.

  1. dazzz

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    Hi, I've got quartz worktops and the resin join in one area has come out (approx. 6 inches). I thought it would be easy to find a product to replace it myself - but struggling. The worktops are white with grey flecks, and the original resin the fitters used was white with a little grey mixed in to make it slightly off-white.

    Any suggestions on what product(s) would be best to allow me to 're-grout' the join?

  2. KIAB

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    Look at Colorfill worktop joint compound, on site below click on 'Search for Colorfill' bring up a colour pallete & worktop manufacturer & retailer, should be able to colour match exsisting sealant.

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    The "grout" that is in the joint is actually a 2 part resin. Colorfill KIAB will come out of the joint the first time the OP goes over it with a cloth to clean it.
    The fitters mixed there own colour because all tops vary a bit, mixing white and grey or blue and grey is normal. OP, you should go to a company that does solid surfacing in your area and ask them to do it. It won't cost much.............one of there fitters might even come round and do it for a half decent drink :D
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