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Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by highlander7, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. highlander7

    highlander7 New Member

    Any advice please on the following queries regarding a raised deck (about 900mm up) using 47 x 150 joists (2.5m long) and ledger (4.8m long) with posts at 1.3m:

    1 How best to attach the rim joists to the ends of the ledger board as I can't source concealed/inverted joist hangers ?

    2 Could I use mini joist hangers 47 x 67 with noggins or do I have to use 47 x 277 joist hangers and fold over the top ?

    3 Planning to use sheradised square twisted nails 30 x 3.75mm - do I need to use longer nails to skew through hanger and joist into ledger or just use 30 x 3.75 in all holes ?

    4 Coach screws for joist to joist and joist to post - am thinking about Screwfix's turbocoach screws 10 x 100mm - any views ?

    5 What size screw and how many for fixing noggins ? Screwfix's turbocoach screws 10 x 100mm ?

  2. highlander7

    highlander7 New Member

    Also, I've been looking at different fixings for the ledger to the wall allowing for 10mm gap with s/s washers.

    6 Any ideas on the best fixings for 47 x 150 ledger to wall and what size and length of fixing ?


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