Question about window hinges and latches/rubber wedges

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    Hi all

    Got a couple of problems with a window at a rental property. When you open the window out, it kind of drops down and it's then very hard to close it again, as it's out of line.

    I've tightened up the screws of the hinges but it's not helped; there's nothing else I can adjust. Looking at one of the hinges it looks a bit bent and weak. I think I need to replace the hinge. Question is - how do I find a replacement? Googled 'window hinges' and there's a million different types. I did find one on a Chinese site that looked pretty similar but might be a different size. I've attached a photo, can anyone advise the term I should be searching for/where I might find this type of hinge?

    Secondly, the top long horizontal window has those latches that swing down and rotate over a rubber 'wedge'. One is missing. Again, struggling to find the right term - "Cockspur window handle wedge" is the closest I can find but it's not quite right. Again, I've attached a photo - any info on the right term or where I can find one would be much appreciated!



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