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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by fostyrob, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Hoping someone could lend a wee bit of advice on this radiator and valves I have just bought...

    Fitting a vertical radiator to a small wall as a space saving measure. It is a lathe and plaster wall at the side of a bay window. Stripped the lathe off, built a frame that is resin anchored into the stonework and plasterboard just gone up. Plan on bringing the pipes through the wall to have them semi hidden.

    My questions mainly relate to the valves. They come with absolutely no instructions/specifications. Do you think the TRV will be bi-directional or should I aim to get the feed into the TRV side (will require more modification of existing pipework)? Also I am slightly confused with this "euro cone adapter" system. It is not something I have ever come across and to be honest looks like it is just a further point of potential failure. All the different valves they supply (10, 12, 14, 15, 16mm) come with this adapter. As the valves I have bought are 15mm do you think I need all the reducers, brass split ring, cone etc and I can just do as I would normally and stick a olive over the pipe and tighten down? I can't see why not but as I say I have never fitted monoblock valves and certainly not "euro-cones".

    I rang the customer services tech department but the woman on the phone seemed less than knowledgeable and went to check everything and I am not entirely sure i believe her. She said flow-return could go anyway round. I cannot see a way to reverse it and I seem to remember vertical rads are a bit more fussy in the way you connect. She also said to use the eurocone...again I can't see why it wouldn't work without as essentially it is a compression joint?

    Thanks guys
  2. Dr Bodgit

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    Not seen those Euro adapters before, have you tried them with a length of 15mm copper pipe to see how they fit together? A couple of pipes, pop them into the fittings, see if they are water tight.
  3. fostyrob

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    I haven't run the pipes in yet as was wanting to confirm if the feed/return had to be a specific way round. I figure to be sure I might just adapt the pipework and take the feed to the trv side to be safe. They fit together onto 15mm copper but it also goes together with an olive. Unfortunately I don't have a test rig to pressure test the setup with both methods of connecting.
  4. Pollowick

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    I believe you will need the Euro-Cone adapter - the valve is potentially designed for any of the sizes and the adepter is specific for 15mm.
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  5. Dr Bodgit

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    Can't be sure if the TRV is one way or bidirectional, best to place it on the feed side to be sure. Are there any arrows on the TRV or casting?
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  6. fostyrob

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    Not what I was wanting to hear but thank you. An olive would be so much simpler.

    No unfortunately there are no arrows at all. No instructions. No collar or anything to rotate as you normally get with bi-directionals. Might as you say and just play it safe.
  7. fostyrob

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    The next issue will be how to assemble the eurocone. Again no real instructions. The pieces are all just loose and are of different shapes at each end. going to try and assemble the way in which they are arranged in the picture and get a bucket ready for when it leaks! Got them all to go together onto a piece of copper but whether or not it is right just because it fits is anyone's guess.

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