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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by vixx78, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. vixx78

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    Hi, We had a big storm this week and I ended up with water running down from my bathroom ceiling down my wall. Having checked the tiles it appears that one tile along the edge (verge I believe it correct term) has broken and it's directly above the leak, so quite sure it's the issue. I am struggling to get hold of roofers to quote and obviously urgent.
    I have one roofer who is saying £60 for a replacement tile and all good.
    The other is saying that the mortar along the verge is badly cracked in a few places and the verge tiles for roof need taking off, check the felt etc it ok and then re-bed them. That is £600. He said he will not replace a tile as it is not the right thing to do as the mortar is failing and the other tiles will soon loosen and cause issues. They are such different views, what is the thought about cracked verge mortar? Neither roofers m4.jpg m4.jpg m2b.jpg broken tile.jpg Sofit 2.jpg m4.jpg broken tile.jpg have been up on ladders, just looked from the ground
    Just to add to it I need a new garage roof as that has leaked very badly and is 30yrs old and already patched, so that will be £1,100, so it's a lot of money of I need the £600 as well. But don't want to risk the roof
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    Get up in loft and look at the felt from the underside. That should of stopped water getting in so probably degraded.

    It's when you patch for £60 or fix for the next 50+ years by taking old off and fixing properly. Maybe patch now with a view to do properly next year.
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    Thanks, The loft is dry and felt looks fine. All we can think is the water is getting into sofits and then running down the cavity wall. It's then coming out under the coving in the bathroom. It filled up half a tuperware bowl in the storm . That bit off wall is still wet on the outside, even though rest has dried and should be sheltered by the soffit
  4. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Felt supports are good as original felt that hung in the gutter rots off and any water that gets past tiles runs on soffit and down cavity but yours is on the edge of gable so getting in through cracks and in that way.

    There is now plastic covers for gables and resin fillers vs cement but don't know if they are better? Mixed options on them it seems.
    Only ever patched a few as not my area.
    If it was mine I'd get scaffold or tower which is cheaper then get up and inspect and fix. Maybe job for next year in better weather but your not going to know what's needed until you get up and strip back so the £600 is for worst case I guess.
    Mate just had his roof patched for £60 with cement and new tile and he's going to see how it goes.
  5. vixx78

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    Tile is now replaced, roofer said verge seemed sound and he really had to work hard to get the piece of broken tile out. The felt underneath is damaged, which is above the soffits, but only under that one tile, (photo 2 is the felt under the next tile along) . From inside the loft it looks fine. Is this a problem?

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