Quote to replace x2 internal door frames and architrave?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Matt Dobing, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Matt Dobing

    Matt Dobing New Member

    Hi lads,

    Moving out of a rented flat and had some slight damage to x2 internal door frames.. landlord said he's getting a joiner in to quote us for the repair.
    This is the LL's mate so I'm keen to get a rough idea on what to expect and know if I'm being ripped off.

    Any ideas? Don't need to rehang doors or anything but he did mentioned if frames/architrave needs replacing it might need replastering/painting too..

    I'm in Sheffield if that helps!
  2. jimoz

    jimoz Screwfix Select

    pics would help, could be a fair whack depending on the doors, who's decorating and if frames are fillable. Whats happened is it a dog that has chewed them or just general wear?

    doors- 30ea
    ironmongery - 15ea
    Labour - 50ea
    Decor - 40ea

    They're quite tight prices for someone to be making a living at
  3. jimoz

    jimoz Screwfix Select

    Sorry i see it's just the frames. get us some photos my guesswork is **** as above!
  4. Matt Dobing

    Matt Dobing New Member

    Cheers Jimoz. Not got any photos as we've moved out last week. Yeah it's chewed a bit at the bottom of one edge of the door frame..!

    Doesn't seem too unreasonable. I've been dreading a £700 bill or something, hopefully will come in under £300..
  5. furious_customer

    furious_customer Screwfix Select

    Is the LL intending to detuct this from your deposit?

    Not sure where in the country you are, or if this applies elsewhere, but in Scotland we have the tenancy deposit protection scheme and if you feel the costs are unreasonable then you can raise a dispute and an independent adjudicator will review it.
  6. Matt Dobing

    Matt Dobing New Member

    No, we've agreed to get a quote from a joiner and I'll pay it outside the DPS. I'm in sheffield.
  7. davemp

    davemp New Member

    I’d say he will be charging a days wage so around the £200 mark plus materials so like you said around £300

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