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  1. Lincselectrical

    Lincselectrical New Member

    Any one ever used them? what they like price wise? just found them in my search for a waterproof dimmer.
  2. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    Ad the odd thing from em, seem OK
  3. X

    X New Member

    They seem a tad on the dear side..
  4. michael brian

    michael brian New Member

    dont know where your gettting your info from, far as i can see qvs is generally cheaper than screwfix on most lines!

    twin and earth 2.5mm 100m
    screwfix £41.98
    qvs £41.11

    2.5mm 3core swa cable
    qvs £31.72
    screwfix £34.97

    just a couple of examples.
  5. michael brian

    michael brian New Member

  6. X

    X New Member

    What you should do when comparing prices...

    Which company gives their prices including vat and which one dosn't, and which company offers free next day delivery.

    And then adjust the prices accordingly
  7. chtechie

    chtechie Member

    Used them a number of times - Similar to SFD - you need to spend £50 for free delivery - I've found them competive on Fantasia fans and intruder alarms - no probs with delivery - I always phone the branch (Cambridge in my case) and get excellent service.
  8. Lewis_m

    Lewis_m New Member

    I viewed this thread a few days ago because I also found QVS Electrical via google. They beat the price of a wylex consumer unit i wanted but I hadn't seen their site before so didn't know whether to trust um. I thought I would share my findings.

    Everything turned out good. I ordered at 10am on wednesday and received it 2pm on thursday. They have a catalogue quick shop like screwfix so ordering can be pretty fast. They only do electrical stuff so I found it easier to navigate around than SF but then again, I am a man of little patience (most people probably don't have a problem).

    It's a shame that QVS don't have more branches but I would recommend the website. It's a shame their forum is a bit dead.
  9. the1jock

    the1jock Member

    Hi They have a few trade counters around the kent area. always found them to be reliable and inexpensive. the counters i have used the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.most often have that thing you cant seem to find anywhere else.

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