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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by JGRAY, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. JGRAY

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    We have just had a downstairs bathroom refit. This involved replastering the walls. The fitters took the radiator off, and gently stored it away. However its been off the wall for a week, we go on holiday, back in another week, and by the time they come back to finish the job, the radiator will be off for some time. My question is will this start corrosion inside the radiator? Is it worth refitting it or getting a new one?
  2. terrymac

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    Nothing to worry about. Go have a nice holiday.
  3. Baxi Boy

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    If it is big enough for the room and in good condition I would re use it,I don’t think corrosion will be a problem in a few weeks,some systems have run for many years without any inhibitor.However if you fancy getting a new one it’s up to you,may look better and give out more heat.I recently swapped a 450mm High rad for a 600mm,same width and gained 30% output in the room.
  4. Heat

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    Very little corrosion would happen.
    All you needed was the radiator flushed out if any risk of dirt inside it and after fully draining the left over water in it then store it in a dry area.
  5. gas monkey

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    fill it with water leave it upside down as long as the air cant get it no prob
    fret not on the scale of things id be more intrested in my hol have a nice one

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