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  1. Lollipops

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    Hi, does anyone what size is the radiator valve in the picture? Thanks
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  3. jimbobby

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    Half inch BSP.
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  4. andy48

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    1. As stated above its a 1/2" BSP valve. However:
    2. Its an unusual fitting as:
    2a. The connection to the radiator is a union fitting, whereas these days a 15 mm compression fitting is far more common.
    2b. The connection to the pipework is a compression fitting, almost certainly 15 mm, but one where the compression nut has a male thread. This thread will almost certainly be 1/2" BSP with a hole through the centre of the nut to take 15 mm pipe.
    3. The valve is not bi-directional, and must be fitted on the flow side of the radiator.
    4. Not sure you will get an exact replacement and it might be easier to change the radiator tail and pipework compression fitting if you are replacing it.
  5. Dave does Gas

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    The female valves that you have there are common in the comercial envionment as you could connet them directly onto 1/2" iron pipework. If you wish to replace it then all you need to do is buy a standard valve, lower the existing male union and cut away the olive. Remove the male union and fit the new valve as a standard.
    A lot of the older Honeywell and Drayton valves used to com like this, not so common nowadays.

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