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Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by NonPro, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. NonPro

    NonPro New Member

    I am shortly going to lay a laminate floor at home, strictly DIY and I saw this on offer, the maximum cut width is stated as being 120mm but my boards are 126mm wide and 15mm deep, can anybody advise if the cut width has been specified a little under size and I might get away with it or is there a little trick anyone knows that will save me turning each board and making 2 cuts.

    Thanks for reading,

  2. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    No I'm afraid it will not.
  3. NonPro

    NonPro New Member

    Thanks Teabreak, seems like its time for me to invent a plan B then.

  4. R.W_Carpentry

    R.W_Carpentry Active Member

    for the same cost you could just buy a cheap circular saw, really won't take much longer using one oppose to a chop saw.
  5. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Or for even less you could just use a.

  6. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    2 tricks, the first one is as you cut down with the saw you pivot the front edge of the laminate up into the saw or the safer version is to put a sacrificial block of timber on the saw bed so the laminate is higher. Or you follow Phil's suggestion and use a handsaw, you don't see the cut edge.

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