rainwater into soil pipe??

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by funinthebathroom, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. funinthebathroom

    funinthebathroom New Member

    Is it a)legal and b)possible to allow rainwater from the gutter to flow down a soil pipe?

    I have a gutter downpipe smack in the way of the new soil pipe ive just fitted. Can i connect this into the soil pipe. The soil and rain both go into the same drain outside the house so is it legal.

    If so where can i get a strap boss in the right size.


  2. jmcbuilders

    jmcbuilders New Member

    NO you can not. But who is going to police it. Only If you are working with BCO or want to sell the house will it be picked up. But if I seen it on a job. I say look at that BODGE JOB JMc
  3. Bahco

    Bahco Guest

    Can you not move your downpipe a foot or so along .Quite straightforward and cheap.
    Use a 45 degree bend to direct the water into the existing gully
  4. funinthebathroom

    funinthebathroom New Member

    I know what you mean about moving the pipe but it isnt possible. They two pipes run parallel down, through the conservatory roof and then are both sealed into individual feeds to the sewer, if ive explained that right. They both then feed into the same sewer and off to the main sewers in the road.

    Why isnt this allowed out of interest?

  5. Bahco

    Bahco Guest

    You are allowed to drain your roof into an underground sewer provided area drained is less than 40 sq metres.
    I have never seen what you are proposing and it would look as Jmc said very unprofessional.
    I can't see how you would be any better off as you would then have a hole in your conservatory roof.
    Why not just box them both in a false wall.
  6. slug

    slug New Member

    It is not prohibited from my quick check of British Standards and Building Regs, in the old BS5572 (Code of Practice for Sanitary Pipework), it specifically mentions the admission of rainwater into discharge stacks. Rules were max roof area 40m2 where there is a combined drainage system.

    However, it is undesirable, just think if the base of the stack blocked and during a rainy day the water built up in the stack until it found the easiest way out, probably from your WC pan. Your call.
  7. funinthebathroom

    funinthebathroom New Member

    Slug, excellent point, i just binned the idea!!!!

    The hole in the roof wasnt going to be a problem as the conservatory is coming down and a new one going up. I was only really thinking about making everythink look neater. I will leave it as it is, it all works!!

    Once again the advice on here has been brilliant, and very helpful, cheers guys,


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