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    So I recently bought my first house, which has a rather steeply sloping garden (approx. 1 in 12). The slope falls away from the house. We’re looking at building a patio at the bottom of the garden (garden is East facing and the bottom gets most of the sun) which I’ll also be standing a good sized shed on.

    I’m not very DIY conscious at all, so my partners friend will be laying the paving. Due to the slope on the garden, we need to either raise the ground level or dig down in order to create a level patio. The guy doing the paving came round to have a look and suggested that raising the level would be more cost effective. How we do this exactly is a bit more difficult. I don’t want to raise the level against our neighbors fence as it would look odd from their side, so I was thinking of using sleepers to retain the small change in level (approx 300mm).

    I was also concerned about the drainage of the patio with it being at the bottom of the garden and with me planning on standing a shed on it. I was going to ask for it to be laid to a nominal fall towards the back fence with a french drain along the back fence. I've done some basic CAD drawings of what I'm thinking which should be attached, just wondering what you guys think? Just wondering if anyone thinks there's a cheaper way to do this?

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