Raising/lowering devicr for fold down board

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    Hi all

    I'm looking for advice or inspiration on how I can set up a way to raise and lower a board that will be hinged on a wall. I'll explain more...

    I've built a cabin for the kids and on an end wall I've got a 120" retractable motorised projector screen. Behind it I want to mount an 8ft x 4ft OSB sheet (Using a 9mm board I've got spare which I'll reinforce for stability around the edge) hinged at the bottom so it can be lowered down from the wall. I'll be mounting a scalextric track on the reverse of it for the kids, or big kids, to use.

    The conundrum is making it easy for my kids to raise and lower without injury. Oldest is only 10 y/o. So I was thinking about some sort of motorised cable arrangement or weighted pulley system. The other thing it needs to do is self support when hinged down as it will be around 18" off the ground. Again some sort of cable arrangement could help achieve this.

    I've been round various ironmongory sites online and struggled to find anything that fits the bill. And not being an engineer I don't have the skills to design a pulley system.

    Any ideas or recommended shops to try much appreciated.
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    Google Murphy bed kits
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    The self supporting bit is easy - just fix a hinged leg frame that drops into place as the table is lowered - you'll probably need to make some sort of frame for the board anyway otherwise it will sag in the middle. Ideally you should be able to lock the legs in place as well - look how a folding saw horse or trestle works.
    Edit: As for raising and lowering, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is once one edge is fixed to the wall. Make a simple bar flap latch to engage and keep it upright. If it's still too heavy, look at the pulley system for a dolly maid laundry airer - that should do.
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