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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by bazza1, Dec 16, 2013.

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    Hi people just wanted to warn you of the rated people money grab. I have used them for 2 years and if I paidfor a lead and the person didnt let me quote or ignored my calls I was given the cost of the lead back, but now rated people have changed policy and will not refund so you pay for a lead are not allowed to quoteand do not get your money back. At as much as £for a lead this could add up to throwing away a lot of money which is the position I find myself in. To add insult I had £94 refunded to my account before the change of policy and now I want to close my membership they refuse to put that money back in my bank. I can only spend it with them which I dont want to do. I believe they have had so many tradesmen wanting their money back that is why they have changed policy and keep your money whether you get to quote or are totally ignored by the customer. So before you part with your hard earned money be warned theres no getting it back.
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  3. Devil's Advocate

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    Hi Bazza.

    If they changed their refund policy after you joined, and you then didn't sign up to the new policy, then it would appear they are in breach of contract.

    Even £94 is worth a 'small claims', if only for the satisfaction. Make your intention clear to them; don't be acrimonious, just spell out your reasons in a clear manner - and add that that you will 'blog' about the claims process on a well-known trades forum should they not refund you...
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    DA makes a good point there. If they wanted to change the conditions you should have received notice to say that. I'd put a letter together and see what they come back with.
  5. R.W_Carpentry

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    I was a member on there up to the changes, they did email me notifying the changes and when I went to log in once the changes were in place you had to read and agree to a new set of terms and conditions, which I then declined.
    All of these sites are obviously to a certain extent a major rip off but they have brought in a hell of a lot of work for me and were well worth the money in my eyes, rated people however have got worse and worse over the last year, if you're not already a member of mybuilder Bazza I'd suggest looking into them, I've found them better than rated, it's slightly less hazardous in the sense that rather than buying the job lead, you express interest in it ( for free ) and can even give an estimate or quote first, then the job lister shortlists you for the job and then you pay the lead fee, so if you've given an estimate and then been shortlisted there's more chance of actually getting the work, however same applies with them that once shortlisted you can't get your fee back and one other bad point is that some customers will shortlist everyone that applies, which unlike rated appears to be unlimited ( i've seen 9 be shortlisted on one job ) but you can pause your membership which is quite good if you know you don't have any time for work from there for a few weeks/months, so that you don't have to re-set everything up and you then save a bit of money from the membership fees being paused.
    I've found a fair few jobs on rated that are also listed on mybuilder, and mybuilders lead fees are normally lower.
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    Hi , I am a gas engineer/plumber and I use to have a tradesman account with Rated People for last 2 years. I used to pay £40 per each 3 months + price for each lead.Last one year I did not buy any leads from them because I have enough job to do but continued to pay them £40 for each 3 months.
    Just now before Xmas'2013 I paid £51.20 for a lead 'combi boiler replacement'. They sent me contact details of the client.
    I contact the client and ask him for available day and time to visit the property, to check the system and be able to give him a quote. Client said that access is not possible at first . On second call he told me that job is not more available , his council is going to do the job. I call back Rated People and ask my £51.20 for this lead to be given back as a credit. They told me that the amount can not be given back and they changed their policy since 11.12.2013 and there is not any more 'refund policy'. I can not describe to you my RAGE. I closed my account with them. My rating was full 5 stars. They do not do any thing just sell contact details of the client to 3 tradesman and finish. No one care for the client and the tradesman. Clients does not lose anything but we as a tradesman losing money.
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    Hi all!

    Look.. Let's make a stand.

    I am a rated tradesman.. Just today been affected by the policy change! The lead was a rubbish so requested a credit (as usual).- but NO credit (since 11/12/13!)

    I may add I've been a member for a year, I'm a roofer.. I have average 5* rating from 30+ jobs from leads, I'm an "ASK AN EXPERT" member also. (Also spent a few £k in the last year BUT not important as it created A LOT WORK. I AM HAPPY with the old system - IT DOES WORK!

    SO.. I would like some LEGITIMATE personal experiences from others to share with others!!..

    NO rated people are rubbish etc !!

    REAL life success stories.. How the system ACTUALLY worked VERY WELL.

    Let's go "SOCIAL NETWORK" route - rated are on fb?!...

    It means YOU must be 100% accountable for your comments - providing a solid 100% legitimate request to simply REVERT POLICY.

    I've got so much I can share myself.. I would really like others to stand with me...

    So if you're not a member of this forum.. & you're reading this.. TAKE TWO MINUTES to create a profile - LIKE ME.. & just post a reply..

    Have your chance to have your say too..

    I'm sure there are actually 1000's of "unhappy" rated tradesmen out there - as a direct result of the policy change!

    Fingers crossed I get replies...
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    Dunno justj, If there are "thousands" of unhappy rated tradesmen out there, surely they'll do what others have done and simply cancel their membership of this rip off?? ;);)
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  9. justj

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    I don't personally think the old system was a rip off - I actually liked it! No problems for me anyway.

    Are you / have you been a member yourself? Actually this is not important.

    I want to support every small business AND rated people to overcome a policy change that will be fundemtal to the small business's.. rated people.. Customers.

    I can now appreciate what I have noticed on the site recently (as I am actively buying leads again)

    I'm not sure I have agreed to any policy change BUT I have this new policy imposed upon me, like many others.

    & most of all.. I am protecting the small business - not everyone has the choice of just simply leaving!

    Some people have just signed 12 month contracts (probably based on the performance of the site to date -the site behaviour has changed a lot in the last few weeks - I am sure directly due to policy change. It only made sense today when I requested a credit.
  10. joinerjohn1

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    Justj, surely with any system of leads, where you pay £30 a month to them to get the leads, then a further £51 per lead, the payment per lead should be refunded if you don't get the job? Who's to say, the site isn't creating these "leads" themselves? Knowing that they're going to get another £51 out of all of the punters that respond?
    Perhaps I'm cynical (or too old and long in the tooth) I'm sure others agree that money for leads should be refunded, unless you actually get the work?
  11. justj

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    I totally respect that.. That is a valid point. It is not what I wish to address.

    BUT my personal thought(s) on what it have addressed are:

    Some people are fine with £48 per quarter - that's what I'm paying. You have a web presence.. A profile for business.. A bit like Facebook.. A bit like eBay. (Like them or not!).
    I am happy to buy the leads & "tender" for the work. I personally have had a very high success rate. My business has quadrupled over the last year compares to the year before (& I KNOW rated people website not only saved my business at the right time but has enhanced my business as a whole)

    Now & again I had a duff lead.. Ok you don't get cash refund. Sucks but not the end of the world - not my point here.

    But my pint is that you DO get duff leads - I NEVER got 1 SINGLE credit refused.. I've had maybe 10 credits.. BUT 30 jobs won, 50+ job leads purchased.

    As you can see I'm passionate.. But at the end of the day I paid out a few £k bit by bit.. & basically quadrupled my turnover - directly from rated people.

    I also got additional work from rated people contacts also. So there are benefits to your business which I can demonstrate also.

    BUT I am really just speaking out to rated people members who pass here (like me) who feel the same.

    I'm just a little guy.. But a few voices make something that can be heard.

    I am directly responding to the policy change.. I really feel it will have a major negative affect - which can be overcome so easily.

    (Like the other guy - I spend £50+ on leads - BUT I win £5k+ Jobs. If the lead is duff I just re-spend the credit on other leads. BUT not every job is LEGITIMATE.. & rated do not offer ANY refund under NEW POLICY 11/12/13

    I am very concerned - the site is now wide open to abuse - which will lead to failure - I admit MYSELF an IMMEDIATE LOSS of CONFIDENCE in rated.

    Also.. Are rated that blinkered they cannot see this?..

    ..or did they just get the Phil Spencer tv advert invoice!?
  12. Diamond Geezer

    Diamond Geezer New Member

    I'm so glad I've seen this, I was seriously considering signing up.
    For some reason it doesn't seem so appealing now. Thanks lads and I hope you sort it out.
  13. painterman53

    painterman53 New Member

    Just joined here so I can leave a comment.
    Rated People have got this new 'no refund' policy wrong.
    If you read their new terms and conditions, they do make this perfectly clear. Even so, I doubt very much it would stand up in a court of law.
    Imagine you went into Argos and purchased your item at the till, went to the counter to collect and they said "Oh, we haven't got one of those, sorry you cannot have a refund"
    Doesn't work does it?
    Not the same but the principle applies. Rated People are providing the service so they should be accountable. If I purchase a job and am unable to contact that customer, then I would expect a refund
    (or credit as they used to do) Rated People say that their refund policy was being abused, well isn't that exactly what's happening to tradesman now?
    It is a good way of getting work. I personally have excellent ratings and I use it as a back up when my own regular trade goes a bit slow.
    Unless Rated People have a re-think of this policy, I think tradesmen will leave in droves. If a buy a lead I want to at least get what I paid for (a chance to quote of the job)
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  14. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    I couldn't agree more, it's almost as if it set up for fake leads just to generate income, (not saying they would), but I certainly wouldn't be paying for a deadend lead.

    As for it being illegal, if it's in the terms you sign up for, I don't think you'd have a leg to stand on.

    The only way to stop it is by going elsewere.
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  16. justj

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    Hi all!,

    Good to see some response!

    Since being on here last I have emailed rated head office a number of times.

    The way to do it is using the contact page on the site.

    There is no point calling the inbound call centre - they are useless to do anything about anything is a long story short !

    But, every time I have spoken to them they do say to use the contact page as it is monitored by hq !

    I am not personally standing for the change - & rated will know about it !

    But I may add - i wish I do this properly & with integrity.

    I am a massive rates success story - ask an expert - 5* average score.. What I have witnesses, more so recently, is enough to make everyone leave!

    But I can see how to fix it again! & everyone is happy again.

    The doubter will always doubt.. But the tradespeople whom use this will understand where I am at.

    New policy will punish the tradesperson & destroy the system!

    The tactics now employed by some of my recent competitors are now brutal - these techniques are soon to be publicised..

    Rated just become a ticking bomb - not booming business!
  17. justj

    justj New Member

    AGREE !
  18. hi2u_uk

    hi2u_uk Member

    I find this interesting as i wasnt aware that the tradesmen were being charged to follow up leads on ratedpeople and mybuilder etc. Someone should ask the websitew to make this clearer as i posted an advert and then sourced someone from outside the website, Mainly because little interest was being shown and tradesmen were slow to reply but for the public the reviews are very useful
  19. FatHands

    FatHands Well-Known Member

    For the people who subscribe to things like rated people:
    How do they work out the lead price? I mean, someone posts to say their boiler has packed up. Without inspection it could be a repair, replacement or complete new heating system - so what are they basing that price to sell the details on?
  20. two trowels

    two trowels New Member

    I have noticed quite a lot of new people on mybuilder lately - people leaving RP perhaps?

    I have found mybuilder to be quite good for me but have had the occasional dead lead - never even bothered trying for a refund as I know what the response is likely to be.

    Like the poster above I think they should perhaps make it clear to job posters that short listing people means they pay a fee - I did a job for a lady recently and we got talking about the mybuilder site, she said she thought it was excellent, especially as it was free - when I pointed out it was free for her but not for me to get her details she was horrified.

    I'm only on mybuilder at the moment to see how it goes before joining any other site - it's far from perfect but it's not bad - I find a bit of inconsistency in short list fees, over the course of a week you can get leads to jobs of similar value but the short list fees can be double from one to another.

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