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    Hi Folks

    Had some new windows fitted with internal astragal bars when the house was being renovated. Now we've moved in, have noticed they the larger window panel rattles when you walk around the room, or with passing of large vehicles.
    See 1st pic

    In an existing French door downstairs (2nd pic) , the astrgals have little bumbers that appear to stop the rattling.

    Question is, if I contact the window fitter, is it easy enough the retrofit these and reseal the glass, or does it have to be a new panel? Either way I will contact them and try to get it done and don't believe I should be incur any further cost, but for my benefit just want to know what how it could be done


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    Bumping this...

    I just called the installer and he claimed he'd never heard of this problem before, and therefore has no solution.
    Doesn't seem right to me - surely I can't be the only person to experience this?

    Hoping for some advice here, thanks
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    Your second picture shows a wee nib on the cross piece: one assumes the size of them is selected to match the cavity. It may be that yer man hasn't heard of the problem, but it looks rather obvious to me that the problem is that cross..
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    Yes my thoughts exactly, I was just surprised when i spoke to the owner and he claimed he'd never heard of any such thing, and didn't seem to think it was a problem that needs addressing.

    Anyway, I've gone back to him via email with pictures of everything and requested a solution be found.. Going through all the proper channels to get it fixed (i.m.o. it's a fault and needs to be repaired/replaced), just in case i end up having to go to Fensa or something.

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