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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Grinder21up, Dec 8, 2006.

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    I'm posting on behalf of my parents who had a Ravenheat White Star LS100T installed (bought from B&Q installed by local plumber) 18 months ago. The problem they have and have had really from the start is that during wet and windy weather the boiler often just goes out. They have it under BG 3* cover, and to give BG their due they've been out to it over a dozen times. But usually it only fires up again when the weather has changed and my dad has had the hair dryer on it for hours drying it out !!!.

    It's installed on an internal wall (Bungalow) with a vertical flue, which they say has all been done correctly. The BG engineer who came this week spoke to Ravenheat Technical support who said that its a "known fault" that in certain wet and windy conditions water can get through the chimney, into the flue and end up on the PCB, causing the failure and that there is nothing you can do about it other than re-site the boiler on an external wall with a horizontal flue.

    Now they're living on a pension and can't just find the money to move it. Can anyone suggest a workaround or has anyone come across this problem before. I don't think it's right Ravenheat can continue to sell the boiler without fixing the fault.

    Thanks for your time.
    Pete Conway
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    hi, grinder21up is there anyway you can find out were the rain is coming in to the vertical flue, or could you make something out of metal to fit on top of flue not to obstruct the outlet, or when it starts raining have look on roof just keep an eye on the flue and see were the rain is coming threw thats what i would do!
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    Thought about that. Does the flue go all the way up into the chimney pot. Could we maybe attach something to the top of the chimney like a windbreak. Not being a plumber not sure what we can safely try. Me and me dad took the exteral cover off (he's good at that now) and where the dials and displays are on the front panel, is enclosed in like a plastic box and the wiring seems to enter the box at the back. Looking at the boiler diagram the PCB is at the bottom of that box. Thought about putting like a piece of coloured card on top of the box so that next ttime it happens can maybe see where it's dripping. If that shows it up can maybe knock up some tin plate cover that deflects the rain away from the electrics and onto the floor of the cupboard the boiler is in. Bit rough and ready but might work as it's a nightmare for them now we're into winter and the boiler is off more than its on.
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    the flue should go threw the roof tiles only and if you look were the flue goes threw the roof you should see a pitched roof flashing plate that goes around flue and sits flat on to tiles, look that may cause the water to come in if not sealed properly
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    Not looked at it myself but BG guys that have been out to it have and said all looks fine.
  6. There is an expectation under the sale of goods act that if Ravenheat sell a boiler and flue then it will be reasonably suitable for the purpose.

    This does not sound very plausible to be as manufacturers do not usually admit faults with their boilers and I have never heard of that before.

    Its very obvious if water has got in and I would blame BG for not correctly identifying the problem.

    I suggest you call John Wilson at Ravenheat and ask him if there really is a fault with the design boiler/flue. If so ask if they will pay to sort it out. If not ask BG to sort it out for you.

    What does the installer say about all this or is he just totally out of his depth???

  7. Grinder21up

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    BG have been very good without actually solving the water egress problem but as they say the cover my parents have is only for the boiler and not the flue. When the BG engineer was there this week he defo spoke to Ravenheat Technical Advice Dept and was told it was a known fault, which is not good. As you say its unusual for a company to admit something like that. I'm going to write to Ravenheat and see where I get with them, but are not too hopeful. All my parents want is the problem sorting once and for all without the upheaval and cost of moving the boiler, even if it costs them to get sorted.
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    What about putting one of those anti-bird devoces on top of the chimney - I had one put on livving room chimney after bird fell down (argh! - ghastly experience!). It is like an up-side-down metal saucer approx 15inches diameter and builder said this one (unlike things that virtually cap the chimney off) is OK with fact that I have gas coal fire in the chimney below. I imagine that it keeps out a fair amount of rain as well as birds!
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    Don't go shoving flue terminals designed for coal fires on a gas flue - can be very dangerous. I suspect BG are being their usual useless selves when faced with something tricky. The advice to speak to Ravenheat directly is very good, and while you are speaking to them ask who their recommended engineer is in your area and get him to look at the problem. BG - Bleah !
  10. Grinder21up

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    Thanks guys - I'll see what Ravenheat have to say.

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