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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by marc_plumber, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. marc_plumber

    marc_plumber New Member

    customer having trouble with the above getting no hot water heating fine,
    so i replaced the diaphragm in the diverter valve still no joy so i presumed it was debris in the vavle so replace the whole thing once again no joy,
    boiler sending all the heat round the heating circuit then locking out and repeating the process, i then proceeded to remove and clean valve drained some of the heting to assure no debris in there now stumped any ideas ?

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  2. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    The sensors can make boilers behave strangely on ravenheats..

    If i am right two green ones.

    They regular go.

    Hope it helps.

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  3. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    Have you tried changing the whole diverter section?

    Sounds like that!!

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  4. marc_plumber

    marc_plumber New Member

    yeah changed the lot to no avail.

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  5. skinns554

    skinns554 New Member

    Is the boiler sending full rate to the burner when hot water is in demand? can you hear the micro switch clicking when a demand is called? have you tested the resistance on the hot water sensor? only saying this cause i worked on one the other day with the same problem and just turned out to be a resister, prices parts on these boilers aswell.

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  6. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    Did you change for new microswitches when you changed valve??

    Are microswitches being made??

    If not just to test i click the microswitches and hold them in to see if it does get how water, only for testing purposes!

    Would of thought a full valve would of done the trick.

    Not a great situation to be in is it.
  7. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    How old is the boiler?
  8. marc_plumber

    marc_plumber New Member

    yes full rate is achieved. micro switch is making i replaced that also, i dont understand how the resistor could stop the heat going to the hot water when the diverter is opening if you like. boiler is about five years old, making me look a right tw*t this boiler mysterious.
  9. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    Question is has it ever worked??

    Has someone thrown a second hand boiler in.

    I would go to absolute basics, check if it is piped up correctly!! May sound daft but it happens!!

    Have u checked the new microswitches for making and in your case if they are closing!! seems like they are not breaking and not closing the ch off.

    Could be faulty diverter allowing it to pipe threw the ch when not on demand!

    We all get jobs like that, be sure to post back when you get to the bottom of it, interesting one.
  10. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    Also one of the sensors could be stuck open, for the price of them i would certainly change them to rule them out.

    Not much else it can be after that!!
  11. marc_plumber

    marc_plumber New Member

    yeah used to work lol. i will clean up the old valve and give that a try to c if its a faulty new one and i will change both central heating and hot water sensors.
    i will report back when ive either sorted the problem or smashed the fooker off the wall.
    thanks for your replies.
  12. heatyman

    heatyman Member

    Had similar problem on mine, and it was the CH sensor. I know it sounds silly, but when you follow the water flow and look at the position of the sensor, it becomes obvious. The amazing thing is that Ravenheat Technical don'tseem to know it.
  13. marc_plumber

    marc_plumber New Member

    yeah i spoke to ravenheat technical may aswell have spoke to a brick wall that is what i expected. thanks for replys once again.
  14. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    They either tell you its the board or the line goes dead!!


    Good luck.
  15. marc_plumber

    marc_plumber New Member

    just thought i would finish the thread off. i once again bought a new new diverter valve and problem solved so was a faulty brand new diverter valve wat are the chances.
  16. Bit Of Advice

    Bit Of Advice New Member

    Never had one yet!!

    Nightmare especially with the labour of taking out and then putting back in..

    Least your sorted.

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