RCBO Question - Ok To Use On 220v?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by JP., Oct 6, 2017.

  1. JP.

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    Evening guys. Right first of all the supply type is 220volts, 60Hz TN-C-S (country abroad)

    Right I have found rcbo's at 50 to 60 hz but all are rated at 230v.

    The inevitable question - do you reckon its ok to run above on 220v instead of 230v? (in reality our pd is 240v but that is neither here or there)

    Thanks guys.
  2. Coloumb

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    I've not relly got my thinking cap ( very long week) on mate but I can tell you RCD's are current based so I can't see why the voltage would make any difference.
  3. JP.

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    Thanks Mr C - it is only 10 volts off the 230 stamped on the rcbo body. Do you reckon I should also ask the manufacturer if it is ok?
  4. seneca

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    I think I would just fit it and test it JP, as long as trip times are ok i'd be happy with it.
  5. JP.

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    My main problem also is that of course when I have finished the electrics it will be to English standards - it all has to be tested and certificated, maybe they might refuse certificate because of alternative wiring etc?
  6. JP.

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    Your right Sen - I've got a habit of over complicating things and yes your way is best..as long as everything tests ok thats the main thing.
  7. Coloumb

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    Might be useful to tell us what country your going to be doing the work in?
  8. JP.

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    The DP main switch would be ok at 60Hz?

    The earth cable coming from rod/rebar to met is single strand, and they use aluminium cables etc flipping heck
  9. JP.

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    Its Mindanao Mr C (its the two wire system, and not 3)
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  10. Pollowick

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  11. JP.

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    Thanks Mr P - if I cant go ahead with rcbo's then I will think of a dual rcd, it wouldn't give me high integrity though, but cant have everything. I will have to confirm everything with the manufacturers I agree 100%

    At the end of the day if it is a no go then I will have to do it all there way - but would not be happy doing that tbqh..I am not saying there way is bad, but our systems really are tried and tested.

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