Re-filling gaps inbetween floorboards

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  1. Solution needed

    Solution needed New Member

    I have read a lot of discussions about filling gaps in floorboards but have not read anything yet except for pushing in bits of died rope that might help with our problem. The standard solution of mixing adhesive with sawdust has been a hopeless failure.

    We had our Victorian floorboards in 2 rooms and hallway professionally sanded, stained and gaps filled with a mixture of adhesive and the sandings or sawdust. This filler has since popped out of about one third of all the gaps. It's now not an option to start again. To remove the parts of filler which remain in place would be a gigantic job and would scratch the varnish on the floorboards. The gaps are in patches all over the floors, so really I am looking for a filler which I can stain to match with which I can fill these patches and continue to use as and when more of the existing filler comes out in the future. The filler needs to have a lot more stick and grip than the standard used adhesive/sawdust mix and needs to be flexible to prevent it popping out as it has as soon as we began to walk on the floor.
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    there is a ronseal multipurpose wood filler on this site, never used it but it looks as if it does all you need. Sandable, stainable and flexiable.
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    Your timber floorboards will want to move across the grain, very, very marginally, and seasonally, not to mention central heating on and off throughout the year.......your existing brittle filler doesn't want to move with it, hence the cracking and some falling away.

    If it were me, I'd knock out the filler and fit tapered softwood wedges to fill the gaps, glue with pva, plane or sand flush and stain to match existing timber. Good timber yards stock 9x21mm tapered wedges just for this job.

    The other alternative is filling the gaps with a flexible epoxy resin like West Systems epoxies or Repair Care Window Care 4 hr resin....this will bond and move with the timber seasonally. It is sandable but not stainable, so
    generally only good for small inconspicuous areas.

    The first solution is the way to go.

    Just post your address, and I'll send you my invoice.

    I thank you.

    (P.S. Am loving the died rope idea !? I've yet to come across that myself.)
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  4. blueassedfly!

    blueassedfly! New Member

  5. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man New Member

    Check this out -
    I can recommend this as an effective solution.
  6. Michal Kloch

    Michal Kloch New Member

    I totally agree with this. The only way to fill gaps in floorboards permanently is to use wooden slivers and hammer them into gaps with wood glue. Using softwood is actually not a great idea as it's very soft and prone to shrinkage over time. The best ones I know of are made of larch wood. Colour match with old pine boards is just perfect and they are much harder than your ordinary pine. That makes them much easier to install and they won't shrink over time.


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