Re-fitting close coupled cistern

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Mister T, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Mister T

    Mister T New Member

    I removed my close coupled cistern to decorate and because there was a leak between the cistern and pan.

    I have bought a new rubber donought washer to replace the old foam one.

    Do you need to add any sealant or plumbers mait between the cistern and pan to help support the cistern rather than having it just balancing on the washer and the two bolts? When I took it apart it was sitting on a bed of some kind of white sealant, maybe this is why it was leaking?

    Should I just rely on the washer alone for the seal or add some silicone to help it?

    Very useful forum by the way!
  2. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    Hi MisterT

    I have never used any additional sealant and have not had a problem. However, I am sure others will disagree.

  3. wetplumber

    wetplumber New Member

    No need to use anything other than the do-nut, most are foam i belive?

    I'm sure it will be ok.
  4. Mister T

    Mister T New Member

    Will give it a go with just the washer and see how I go
  5. taffia

    taffia New Member

    just make sure the mating surfaces are clean and you should not have a problem,imo theres too much use of silicon ''snot'' these days,its got its uses but can make a job look horrible sometimes.
  6. scottie

    scottie New Member

    ive fitted 100s of these and have never needed any other sealant , just be sure all mating surfaces are clean ps dont over tighten as ive seen the pan cracking !! not by me by the way
  7. rocketron

    rocketron New Member

    You can buy an oversize rubber doughnut if the hole into the pan is a bit big. You are not on your own with this problem, i had a problem last week & had to take the cistern off to re do it an dropped it & cost me £30.I throw the foam ones away and use the rubber one.
  8. plummit

    plummit New Member

    Hi Rocket Ron,
    Too true, I took one look at the foam donut that came with my toilet, and it went straight in the bin. I believe screw fix, sell a kit with the metal clamping bits. Well valuable to have, when you have to cut the bolts on an old one, because they are to rusty to undo the wing nuts. They have saved me a lot of time in the past.
  9. rocketron

    rocketron New Member

    PLumit what do you think about the cistern that has 2x6mm bolts about 75mm long to conect the close couple. I hated them when they had flat rubber washers as the seal, they are easy now the rubber washer is cone shaped.
  10. plummit

    plummit New Member

    I think that the cone shaped donut covers most connections, Ok the cistern tends to sit slightly higher, but after i have taken out rusty screws holding the cistern back, re- drilled the fixing holes, fitted BRASS screws, everything seems fine. Have had no problem with the screw fix set up, this I believe has the coned shaped rubber donut.

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