Re-flaunching Chimney Crown

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by kiteboy, Jun 10, 2021.

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    About to tackle re-flaunching the chimney crown on the weekend

    We have scaffolding up and have done the chimney pointing which took far longer than expected

    Anyway - about to put two old gas cowls back in place as we had to remove them to get as much of this fern type plant out of the motar as we could

    So will now be building up the back section of the flauching again so that will be fairly thick and be married up to the old flaunching on the front of the chimney - I think this will need to be a concrete mix to prevent cracking???

    After that has set would you then recover the lot with a sharp sand cement mix?? Would that not crack as it would be a fairly thin layer?? Shoud I add fibres to the mix to prevent cracking?

    Should I PVA the old cement or SBR

    Just looking at the best way to approach really - dont want to be doing this again!

    Thanks for any tips

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