Re-hanging interior doors at new place - big job?

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    Hi All

    I've recently bought my own home. It was rented previously and looks like the previous owner did a quick job with refurb / decorating - new carpets, white paint and interior doors.

    All looks decent, but recently I noticed that a lot of the doors hinges are missing screws (some of them were held on with just 1/2 screws per hinge!). I've bought some screws and rectified this, but now most of the interior doors won't shut properly.

    They are cheap 6 panel hollow doors, and I don't think they were hung professionally. It's a 1950s house and the frames are off in places, and it doesn't look like adjustments have been made for this.

    Some of them are rubbing against the thick carpet plush so easy to fix(?) but others aren't right at all. E.g you can see the hinges move and hear the frame stressing with about 3-4 inch gap.

    There seems be quite an art door hanging properly and my DIY skills are basic.

    Is it best to get a professional in, and if so how much does it typically cost per door to hang them up properly?


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    Presuming the doors were functioning okay before you added screws It's likely the additional screws are not properly in the hinge countersink recess. If the hinges are moving when you move the door then It's likely binding somewhere, again unless it was like this before, it could be the same issue as above. To fix, remove the additional screws, plug the holes and align the screws, a small pilot hole may help.
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  3. daws0n

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    Thanks for posting glob@l. I should of been more clear on that - the doors weren't OK before, but adding the screws seems to have made the issues worse.

    The hinges are screwed in tight, but some of the screws haven't been put in straight (they're at an awkward angle).

    Looking closely at the hinge side of the door from within the bathroom, it seems be rubbing the frame near the middle.

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  4. daws0n

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    Here's a photo of another door that's not so bad - it's dragging heavily on the carpet, looking at the top of the frame I think it's sagging a little?

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  5. glob@l

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    Both leaf's of the hinges are recessed, so this will be bringing the door closer to the door standard leaving little clearance. The screws look a bit too thick on the images and may not be screwing into the countersink hole enough causing the door to bind against the standard. Wedge the door in the open position, remove the screws on one hinge, plug the hole with used matches and cut flush, mark through the hinge holes and drill a narrow pilot hole, screw the hinge into place with screws which sit flush when fully home. Rinse and repeat!
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    Thanks for the advice glob@l.

    Took off the doors and trimmed the bottoms a necessary. Screwed the hinges back in a few mm to the right when putting back on, much better now!

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