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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by RMH, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. RMH

    RMH New Member

    Just looking for a bit of advice if anyone can assist.
    I am having my combi boiler re-located to a cupboard and would like to have my cu re-located to the same cupboard, the space is limited so the cu could only go above or below the combi. Would this be an issue or will it conform to the various regs out there?
  2. pcelectrics

    pcelectrics New Member

    I would not put the CU above a boiler because of the heat from the boiler. Should be ok below. Bear in mind that the CU must be accessible for maintainance (and the boiler too).
    You don't say how far you're moving the CU, so check with your local supply company - they may set a limit on the length and size of tails.
    Also bear in mind that moving a CU counts as a new install - therefore it's a notifiable job and you should be in receipt of a full install cert afterwards (you will need a Part P registered electrician).
    Relocating the boiler also counts as a new install, thus the new wiring for the CH will be notifiable too and should show as a sub circuit on page 4 of the cert. Might be a good idea to put the CH wiring on its own 6A mcb rather than an fcu whilst you're at it.
  3. RMH

    RMH New Member

    Thanks for the advice. At the moment the CU is in the bedroom above the ground floor cupboard so I would say that it will move approx 3-4M. As for the tails, could you not wire them into an isolator switch at the meter and then run new tails from there to the re-located CU?
  4. TeesdaleSpark

    TeesdaleSpark New Member

    I would not put the Consumer Unit below the boiler because of the possibility of a leak or routine maintenance causing a leak into it.
  5. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Put the C/U under the boiler and the plumber will run his pipes straight over the front of it and into the bottom of the boiler!

    Seen it done!

    Naff idea.

    Move it to the left or to the right, or preferably no where near the boiler.

  6. ProDave

    ProDave New Member

    Why do you want to move the CU?

    It seems you are contemplating moving the CU, but leaving the meter where it is. Seems a bit pointless.

    Usually people move both the meter AND the CU to somewhere better, or to avoid having them on show somewhere. To move just the CU seems a bit pointless.

    It's a major job, not really one for DIY. Every circuit to the CU will need re routing and that probably means extending as well to reach, so you will probablt end up with a big junction box in place of the old CU!!

    Personally I don't consider relocating a CU as realistic, unless you are doing a complete rewire.
  7. RMH

    RMH New Member

    The meters are currently in the upstairs bedroom at high level (3M) and the consumer unit sits along side.
    The quote to re-locate the meters was crazy and every time we have to reset a trip its a major operation with steps torch etc, so downstairs would be more practical.
  8. wklivesvtime

    wklivesvtime New Member

    You can do it, keep it away from boiler. Agree with prodave tough not that its unrealistic just seems a bit pointless. you will need to know what you are doing will have to more than likley extend and re route even for just a few meters. Wouldnt bother paying to have it done and how often do your breakers go anyway, shouldent be that often
  9. pcelectrics

    pcelectrics New Member

    TS and TT make good points, although I was assuming the boiler and piping was already in place (this seemed to be implied).

    Also, taking the heat aspect further I had one of those min max nursery thermometers in my airing cupboard this weekend. Foam covered tank plus a jacket - max temp 32C. You can bet that with a boiler in use during the winter the ambient will be significantly higher than this. Cable and accessories are rated at 30C ambient and need to be derated for ambients above this. If you don't know your max ambient you can't perform the calculation and therefore cannot satisfy BS7671.

    Put the CU somewhere else

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