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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by woodworker, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. woodworker

    woodworker New Member

    My house has render on it (for about 20 years) the render is in good condition other than the paint is starting to flake where the gutting was leaking and generally looks untidy. Do I just paint straight over the original paint after removing the flaky bits or do i have to put some kind of primer/undercoat on it first?
  2. foamit

    foamit New Member

    Make sure all loose flaky paint is wire brushed scraped off and paint two coats,will be ok
  3. ukwoody

    ukwoody New Member

    Woodworker. I used to sell Dulux paint many years ago. What ever you do go for a REALLY GOOD brand, ie, Dulux Weathersheild, or Sandtex. Follow their <u>precise</u> instructions, and it WILL last for at least 10 years!
    If you buy the cheap stuff, i can almost guarentee it won't last anywhere near as long and the colour will fade/tarnish much quicker.
  4. woodworker

    woodworker New Member

    Thanks for that chaps, I'm sur it'll wait for the sunny weather.
  5. Tosher

    Tosher New Member

    DO NOT USE A WIRE BRUSH!! It will leave bits of wire in the wall that will never come off and will rust and you will get yellow spots all over the areas brushed that will then have to be sealed/primed. It's a nightmare

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