Re-roofing a shed

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Mollymare, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Mollymare

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    8C025C3B-4CC3-4D42-89BA-3ACB1E512D6E.jpeg Hello

    Wondered if someone can help me I have a shed that needs a new roof as the felt started leaking and was going to use galvanised sheets.

    The run of the roof the direction the sheets will lay is 8’ and it’s a pent roof.

    I gather the guttering needs 70mm overhang but does the higher side need an overhang also?

    The sheets need to be cut to size and they are expensive so don’t want to find they are the wrong size ‍♀️

    I’m not going to be installing it myself but do need to get all the materials for the job.

    Pic of shed for reference

    Thank you!
  2. Allsorts

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    To my understanding, no.

    But worth adding an 'L'-shaped flashing trim to go over that higher point to cap it orf and protect the ends of the joists.

    Something like:

    Guttering only required at the low point. The sides and top would thank you for this L trim - and even the gutter end (but that would need positioning first, underneath the roofing sheets) would be happier for it.
  3. Mollymare

    Mollymare New Member

    Thank you for that not seen this before. Is there any way around not having the 70mm over hang on the guttering as it means buying a 10’ sheet and cutting it to 8’2.5” which is a pain.

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