Ready blended bags of sharp sand and cement (concreting)

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    I've got some ready blended bags of concreting mix from my local DIY shop. I'm wanting to fix some posts and have decided not to use postcrete/postfix.
    My question is whether I need to add aggregate/ballast to the mix I've bought from the shop? And if I do whether I need to add more portland cement? Looking at the back of the pack it doesn't actually mention post holes it just says: "floor screeds/renders, patching concrete, pointing and bricklaying below DPC". Got me a tad worried I've not got the right stuff. As you might have guessed this is my first time doing this. I've got gravel at the ready and was planning on adding some anyway but don't want to weaken my concrete.


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    Open the bag, it reads as if inside there are 2 bags as long as one of them as ballast you’re good to go, if you’ve got sand divide into 6 and set 4 parts aside then to the 2 parts add twice as much gravel then your bag of cement and you have 1:2:4 concrete mix ;)

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